Melt Dunes – Grotesque [Single]

I’m intrigued and I hate to say that a band has actually made me enjoy something “groovy” but they did it.




The White Skull Death Snakes Of Death!

“Again there are influences, people like Biafra, Rollins early on in Black Flag, Albini. A bit of Iggy. Nick Cave even, with The Birthday Party”.


Under The Influence with Chrissie Caulfield

With CSMA having just released a new album, possibly their most accessible (although I use that word advisedly!) yet we thought it would be a great time to get Chrissie to talk about some of the albums that have influenced her.

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Kerrang! Tour 2017 – The Ritz, Manchester

From The Amity Affliction’s opening scream of “I bring the weather with me,” the tone is set for the rest of the show – I’m not sure if there was a chorus that didn’t get screamed back at them, often louder than they could manage.

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