The Skull Defekts – The Skull Defekts

Swedish avant-rock heroes The Skull Defekts self-titled swansong sees them keep on pushing forwards right to the finish line.




20 Times Around The Sun with Rocket Recordings

As they celebrate their 20th orbit around the sun with a three night extravaganza at The Garage featuring more or less all of the great bands on their stellar roster, Dan caught up with Chris and John to talk about the label’s past, present and future.


Under the Influence with Tom Templar from Green Lung

Green Lung combine crushing heaviness with soaring hooks, summoning up the proto-metal spectres of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the psychedelic heft of heavy prog and the anthemic gloom of Danzig and Type O Negative; all the while dragging those influe …

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8 Years of Chaos (Chaos Theory All-Dayer) – The Brewhouse, Hackney

8 Years of Chaos. Eight years of Kunal Singhal let loose and running wild over London, putting on bands and taking names. Eight years of what has to be the most RPG music promotion in the world. Eight years of good gigs, good people and good times and eight years of “new music for open minds”.

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