Jason van Gulick – Concrete

It’s a narrow tightrope that an avant-garde musician must balance upon. But Jason van Gulick does so with aplomb.




Hades Ghosphell: Laotian metal upstarts

Hades Ghosphell are from Laos and they play black metal, which does make them stand out a scene that is overwhelmingly death metal of the more brutal kind. The band was kind enough to answer some of Guido Segers’ questions about playing metal in Laos.


Under the Influence with Agrimonia

Agrimonia, from Gothenburg in Sweden, recently released their 4th album Awaken though Southern Lord. Agrimonia’s sound has always been dense, immersive, ambitious even, and on Awaken, Agrimonia have evolved their prog-infused form o …

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GOLD • Necro Deathmort • Threshold Entities – The Black Heart, London

Singer Milena Eva appears as if with puppet strings pulled from another dimension – an uncanny marionette, hands and eyes drifting with an otherworldly automatism . . . The songs, in addition to some great heavy post-metal dringing chords, are a balance of a skewed declamatory lines and then crystal shards of melody.

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