Apotelesma – Timewrought Kings

With ‘Timewrought Kings’, Apotelesma have shown themselves to be unique and masterful musicians and this is without a doubt my current top contender for album of the year.




Horde of Silence rocks for Angola

Guido Segers caught up with Yannick Merino from Angola-based heavy metal band Horde of Silence, who recently featured in the documentary Death Metal Angola.


Under The Influence With Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain are a fresh garage rock trio rising from Leeds featuring a handful of Leeds rockers including lead Lins Wilson of Grammatics, Tom Hudson of Pulled Apart By Horses, and Nestor Matthews of Menace Beach.  They have just released their …

 (((O))) LIVE

Ben Frost Album Launch – ICA, London

Bruising bass charges pummel the bewildered onlookers. Corrugated noise rips violently from his shrouded rig. A murderous frenzy builds, amorphously mutating, blinding, displacing . . . Nobody is dancing. The message is clear: this is is music to be withstood.

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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