Liars – TFCF

A mish-mesh of styles and concepts, acoustic, non-acoustic, electronic and field recordings all interplaying within each other to create an experimental record bound by a peculiar pop sensibility.




Interview with Dan Friel of Upper Wilds, Parts and Labor

Dan Friel is a pioneer of experimental punk music based on noisy electronics. Friel was a founding member of Parts & Labor, a seminal band in the New York indie scene until its dissolution in 2012. After three excellent solo releases, Dan decided to get back to guitar based music he couple play live with a backing band. Called Upper Wilds, the group will showcase a more traditional punk sensibility and vocals. They will release their first album, Guitar Module 2017, on September 22 on via Thrill Jockey Records.


Celtic Frost – The Reissues

The recent Celtic Frost reissues provide a great opportunity for our team of writers to shine a light on these artefacts, though never forgetting the story behind them. This is music people should hear, music that should inspire a new generation.

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Green Man Festival 2017 – Preview

Green Man is certainly not a Glastonbury or a Bestival in turns of scope and sheer size, yet I am hoping that it can provide the intimacy of a smaller festival alongside the atmosphere of a larger one.

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