Orellana – 52

52 serves as an imagined soundtrack to a film about a lonely whale trekking round the recesses of the ocean. A truly lovely record.




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The Only Way Is Lost EP, three tracks of intense, masterful rock that is dramatic and visceral, without ever being overblown, and draws on a wide range of musical resources without ever sounding derivative.


Under the Influence with Adam Holt from Hair of the Dog

Edinburgh based heavy rockers Hair of the Dog are coming back to Roadburn Festival again this year, playing at the Cul de Sac, which is the ideal venue for their brand of catchy and sweaty rock, which is full of melodies, hooks and riffs. In 2016 …

 (((O))) LIVE

Fatso Jetson • All Souls – Desertfest Tour, The Black Heart

Legitimately up there in impossible this-can’t-actually-be-happening desert rock heaven with watching, on New Year 2012, Brant Bjork and a barefoot Scott Reeder play ‘Whitewater’ for maybe the last time together.

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