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The Old Wind – Feast On Your Gone

The Old Wind


Out on April 20th through

Pelagic Records

Breach were a highly influential band on many artists and gained cult-like status. Since their break up frontman Thomas Hallbom has kept himself busy but not always in the limelight.  That may change now  however with his new band The Old Wind.

Thomas has written and played all instruments on Feast On Your Gone, which given its brilliance is stunning. Realising the need to bring the songs to the live setting he recruited some friends. Two other members of Breach and Robin Staps of The Ocean will join him for the live shows.

So, it was with a bit of excitement that I received The Old Wind, and it doesn't disappoint. Musically it reminds me of KEN mode or Kowloon Walked City at times, but with a bleaker out look. Also it verges on Cult of Luna's post-metal but with Tomas' musical pedigree it's mostly original and fresh sounding and he is one of the originator's of that whole sound .

The dark feel of the album is likely to Thomas writing the album in his words "when in need of therapy" and reflects the demons he was seeking to exorcise at the time.  Tracks like opener 'In Fields' are full of tension and melancholic heaviness. The album ebbs and flows throughout and the emotions spent by Thomas make it an envigorating and engaging listen. 'I'm Dead' crawls at funeral pace, captivating and mesmerising it's clear to see how influential Thomas  has been on so many bands who have probably enjoyed more success than Breach ever managed.

'Raveneye' bursts with cathartic rage and monolithic weight, the track 'The Old Wind' is a seven minute journey through post-metal's finest. Painting a picture of despair and  desolation, it is truly amazing.

Feast On Your Gone in all is an album to lose yourself in for the duration. It's also a reminder of one of the world of post-something's greatest visionaries and its good to have him back. 

The album is available through the brilliant Pelagic records on April 20th and can be ordered now.

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