The Faceless – In Becoming A Ghost

‘In Becoming A Ghost’ is an ambitious and restless album and clearly, the product of many hours in the studio spent honing their sound. It’s precise without ever appearing clinical and challenging, but also highly listenable.




Joey Z from Life Of Agony

When Life Of Agony played in the UK recently, Steve Fallows caught up with guitarist Joey Z to ask him about their new record, their comeback and on being outsiders despite having connections to many different scenes.


Under the Influence with Virginia Monti from Psychedelic Witchcraft

We asked Virginia Monti from Italy’s occult doom band Psychedelic Witchcraft about the 3 records that have influenced her the most as a musician and song writer.

 (((O))) LIVE

Vulture Industries • code • Talanas – The Boston Music Rooms, London

Vulture Industries are a fucking incredible live band, and seeing them live without any expectations is an experience in of itself… Even with this, my third time seeing them live, it’s no less surreal.

 (((O))) PHOTOS


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