Unsane – Sterilize

‘Sterilize’ is an album with a singular dead end destination and nihilistic purpose, but with many ways of taking you there.





From inventing psytrance to introducing the world to Lemmy, Hawkwind have a colourful past. Now, with a young Haz Wheaton injecting the same energy as the aforementioned bassist, the band are riding high again. Dave, Dibs and co discuss their legacy, live performance and LSD – there’s every reason to believe Hawkwind will have just as colourful a future.

Dylan Walker from Full Of Hell

Jitterz: Lo-fi Feminist Punk.


Interview – Future Horizons


Under the Influence with Biblical

Canada’s rocking riffers Biblical recently released their new album The City That Never Sleeps through the excellent Tee Pee Records.The City That Never Sleeps is a great mix of riffs, rock ‘n’ roll with added layers of psychedelia.  We …

 (((O))) LIVE

Shining (Nor), The Physics House Band & This Be The Verse – The Underworld, Camden

Jørgen Munkeby is a captivating presence on stage throughout, juggling guitar and sax duties effortlessly and remaining constantly in the faces of those in the front row. Even though it starts slowly, at its peak, it’s one of the most bonkers parties you’ve ever been to. . .

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