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About Us

Echoes And Dust came to life on a wet Wednesday evening back in 2008 when a group of like minded Indie geeks sat in Islington’s Mucky Pup (best jukebox in London!) harping on that there weren’t enough websites covering the particular dark corner of Indiedom that we liked to frequent.

At that point the thought occurred to us that rather than moaning about it why didn’t we get off our collective backsides and do something about it? And thus, Echoes And Dust was born.

Since then we have reviewed some several hundred albums, gigs and associated bits and bobs and hopefully become a go-to place for a hardy handful of music enthusiast.

Echoes And Dust is run by the people behind Cognitive Dissonance and one day hopes to grow up & become a real website.

If you would like to write for us or contact us about submitting stuff to review etc then drop us a line to

If your band is of the more Metal / Doom / Sludge persuasion then drop a line to Sander on

And if you’re interested in writing features for us or are more of an experimental / electronic / jazz ilk then drop a line to Ben on


We really do prefer digital submissions these days, they take up less room, but if you do want to send us something physical then contact the relevant person above for an address.