James Kopf

Articles by James Kopf

Norilsk – Le Passage des Glaciers

We can understand certain works of music as engaging in a relationship with nature, a relationship that is both mimetic and complementary. ‘Le Passage des Glaciers’ is one of those pieces.

The Clearing Path – Watershed Between Firmament And The Realm Of Hyperborea (Review + Exclusive Track Premiere)

This album is not just a playing with tropes, though, but a tropology unto itself, studying the various traces of movement, paths taken and paths forgotten.

Echoes Of The Past: Monoliths and (One) Dimension: Enslaved’s Yggdrasill demo

This album is not just interesting as an historical document or a great example of lo-fi black metal, but it can and should also be appreciated as a philosophical statement – even if Enslaved did not intend it as such.

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