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Machinefabriek – Becoming

On a collaborative score for a dance performance Dutch sound artist Machinefabriek delivers an absorbing piece that can stand on it’s own.

Thor & Friends – The Subversive Nature Of Kindness

I was quite unprepared for just how great a record ‘The Subversive Nature of Kindness’ is from the very first listen, gorgeous repeating patterns of glowing, chiming, tuned percussion form the bedrock of their sound around which other elements come and go. I’ve played it a lot over the past week or so, it only grows richer and more absorbing with repeat plays and still it often seems too short and goes straight back on again.

Aidan Baker/Simon Goff/Thor Harris – Noplace

Aidan Baker/Simon Goff/Thor Harris improvise a wonderfully subtle and atmospheric set of droning krautrock. It’s a richly textured and remarkably coherent record, well worth your time.

Liima – 1982

While it’s clear what Liima have done here is make a synth pop record, it’s not one particularly concerned with retro futurism, gear fetishism or nostalgia. It’s more like establishing 1982 as a personal year zero.

Colleen – A Flame My Love, A Frequency

Colleen’s sixth album is a delicate, introspective wonder.

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