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Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream – Requiem

French post-rockers Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream try to walk the thin line between shadow and light trying not to stay too long on either side.

Nonconnah – The Gloom and The Glowing

Nonconnah is a name to watch for all ambient/drone fans.

The Tubs – Happily Ever Jaded

Even though The Tubs come from Ghent, Belgium, they got their Neil Young-influenced Americana down to a pat.

Charlie Cawood – The Divine Abstract

The Divine Abstract is an album that can further help progressive music gain back full respectability.

Red Belmont – Into My Own

The album sounds quite like a seamless whole, no track ever dropping below a set standard, something that could be pointed out as yet another achievement for a debut album. These guys should be paid attention to.

O.D. Davey – Some Waking Woman

OD Davey has been able to involve the listener into his ordinary images making a musical background in your search for a meaning in everyday things.

Milton Man Gogh – Stress to Impress

Milton Man Gogh might sound like a joke, but they come up with some seriously good jazz/prog/metal.

Thee Conductor – Cotton Tornado

Although Cotton Tornado is achingly brief, it certainly is no cotton candy – there is quite a substance there when you bite into it.

Opossum Sun Trail – Death Raga Run on Sentence

What makes it work is the fact that the sounds have been easily transformed into music, albeit a bit weird and quirky, but sounds that seem to be based on sense and emotion, improvised at the spur of the moment. In brief, give these people some proper studio space and you’ll have a great soundtrack for your next movie project.

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