Melissa Maudite

I came to be a writer for Echoes and Dust through a desire to reconnect with my passion for writing and the drive to explore a genre of music that made me really want to geek out on it: metal.  I grew up listening to classic rock with my dad, and gangster rap with my cholo cousins.  My dad would always pop quiz me over the artist, and if I missed the Rolling Stones, his hint was: “Think big lips!”  Over the years, music has turned into a whole separate world of exploration for me, and I’ve hopped scenes more than Townes Van Zandt has hopped trains.  Raver, goth, punk, metalhead, jaded groupie bitch, *shrug*; they’re all the same.  Recently settled in Austin, TX, which is touted as the live music capital of the world, I’m absolutely thrilled and spoiled here with shows nearly every night of the week.

My tastes are still quite eclectic; I follow what I’m interested in, but driven by what I want to learn about.  Someday soon – if I had musical aspirations, these are them — I’d like to pick up piano again, that was dropped off somewhere in primary school, and take opera lessons.  My favorite pianist is Bear McCreary, the composer for the Battlestar Galactica series; and my favorite classically trained opera singer is Zola Jesus, who strays from the norm.  I sang show choir for five years, but somehow jazz hands show tunes don’t quite fit my lifestyle these days, so non-traditional would be a good label for me if any.

Outside of music, I work in IT doing server & PC administration, as well as a bit of project management; I make strange collage/mixed-media art; and I sew both for fashion and costume design.  I’m a huge intelligent television and movie aficionado as well as an avid reader and stand-up comedy fan.

Twitter: Â @MelissaMaudite

Instagram: Â @LiliStCynical

Work-inappropriate Tumblr: @lilistcynical and @reinasangre

*in Pinnochio voice*  Some day I’m gonna be a real blogger!






Articles by Melissa Maudite

Spellcaster – Spellcaster (Plus live review)

While we all know British heavy metal is nothing new, these guys have nailed the new genre quite well. – By Melissa Maudite

Midnight – No Mercy For Mayhem

The album as a whole is mastered well, and saturated with sex and Satan. – By Melissa Maudite

Grue – Rake EP

When I heard a Boston black metal band did a cover of one of my all-time favorite Townes Van Zandt songs, I was almost scared to listen. – By Melissa Maudite

Stigmhate – Zodacare Od Zodameranu

Light a fucking candle, and stare into the demon’s eyes while listening to the entire album on full blast! – By Melissa Maudite

Hellgoat – End of Man

Hellgoat are the sound of what happens when crust punk finds its Dark Lord and Master, Satan. – By Melissa Maudite

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