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Melvins • Redd Kross – Manchester

a completely dismantled and Melvin-ised take on the Beatles classic ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, with all its usual melody and catchiness replaced by slow lumbering riffs that gave the song a whole new life.

Damnation 2017 – Terrorizer Stage

In the second of our Damnation 2017 previews, Steve Fallows checks out the Terrorizer Stage, and finds it to be aptly named!

Damnation 2017 – Main Stage Preview

Damnation is a one-day festival that packs a mighty metal punch; and with so much choice, and so many clashes, it may seem challenging to find your way round. In the first of our previews, Steve Fallows demonstrates that if you keep it simple and stay with the main stage, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Gregor Mackintosh of Vallenfyre

It feels very different [playing with both Paradise Lost and Vallenfyre] to be honest, because I’m only the guitarist in Paradise Lost, and vocalist in Vallenfyre. It doesn’t feel the same on any level, they are both really, really different jobs so it’s easy to switch between them.

Vallenfyre, Implore & Wolfbastard

…the set swayed between death metal and doom right along to some crust-punk and grind-infused noise that not many bands can pull off, certainly not to the level that Vallenfyre do.

Prong in Manchester

Prong may have been at their commercial peak over twenty years ago, but creatively and performance wise, they are arguably at that point now.

Dropkick Murphys in Liverpool

. . . it was the second half of the show that got everyone going. A medley of tracks from debut album Do Or Die, followed by a special version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (again linked famously with Liverpool) that nearly brought the house down.

Tommy Victor from Prong

Steve Fallows managed to get some time with Prong frontman Tommy Victor about the new album ‘Zero Days’, the band’s history and the other bands he has worked with during Prong’s downtime.

Origin – Unparalleled Universe

This is a band who not only push themselves forward with every release, but they also pushed the confines for extreme metal as a whole.

Exhumed in Liverpool

…an enthusiastic crowd… seeing some of the finest proponents of each of their respective scenes.

Napalm Death in Manchester

Really difficult to pick highlights as it was all so full on and they (Napalm Death) are almost peerless amongst their contemporaries as a live band.

Barney Greenway from Napalm Death

Steve Fallows managed to grab some time with Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway in Manchester a few months ago and chatted about the tour, their Glastonbury appearance and how the band had dealt with changes in the industry over time.

Thomas V Jäger from Monolord

“It was more important than ever to play that night (in Manchester the day after the bomb attack at the Arena) and everyone there, including us, felt that our gig that night was something special. At least I think so.” – Steve Fallows talks to Thomas from Monolord.

While She Sleeps – Liverpool

A quality show, from a band that seem to be getting a big push and definitely have the tunes to back up that build in momentum.

Jackson Browne – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

…‘Before The Deluge’, which he said he sang once with Christy Moore in Liverpool, which was an amazing moment for him, and would ave been better had he not forgotten the words to his part that night. He then promised to do his best to remember it this time.

Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, 09.06.2017 Photos by Steve Fallows

Mutation – Mutation III: Dark Black

A chaotic album from start to finish and one that I played again almost as soon as it finished to make sure I had taken it all in.

Crowbar, Boss Keloid and Barbarian Hermit – Academy 3, Manchester

Crowbar manage to take it up another couple of levels with an hour long sludge master class.

Thurston Moore, Liverpool St Georges Hall

The tunes often drift into improvised noise workouts, which could easily become tiresome, but to watch a musician like Thurston Moore and see him create all kinds of other worldly noises on his guitar, it all comes together effortlessly.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes & Masked Intruder – O2 Ritz, Manchester

Spike (Slawson) really can do justice to all of the different styles of vocals and they make the songs sound like their own, otherwise how many people would be starting pits to Elton John tunes.

Oh Sees and The Peacers – Manchester Academy

The sparse set and synchronised beats, along with the energy on show kept your eyes and attention firmly on the band, and you can’t help but see how much they put into every second of the performance.

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