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Provocateur/Connoisseur of all things dark and grisly. Freelance author/published author addicted to metal of the highest order. Al Necro lives and writes in Richmond, Virginia.

Abandon hope, all ye who read Al Necro!

Articles by Al Necro

Kjeld / Wederganger – Split

Kjeld and Wederganger feature instrumentation all positively enhanced by modern production values. Like a fresh smearing of blood on snow and ice, everything is conspicuous.

Death Fetishist – Clandestine Sacrament

Perhaps in large part to the astounding musical output the guys on Death Fetishist are responsible for, the band fails to make something really worth loving on this, their full-length album, ‘Clandestine Sacrament’.

The Ruins of Beverast – Takitum Tootem!

‘Takitum Tootem!’ either shows an exciting new direction for The Ruins of Beverast, or it aptly explores a theme with two songs before it presents black metal of a new innovative form on their next album.

Vircolac – The Cursed Travails of the Demeter

The members of Vircolac make music for its own sake, and a mainstream audience of Vircolac fans is still quite hard to imagine bearing fruit, but should black/death metal reach into the stratosphere with no turning back, expect Vircolac to be at the forefront of it all.

Auroch – Mute Books

While slightly melodic and less dissonant than ‘Taman Shud’, ‘Mute Books’ is a worthy edition to Auroch’s discography, even if ‘Taman Shud’ may perhaps remain their most compelling album to listen to.

Witchmaster / Voidhanger – Razing the Shrines of Optimism

Another record worth spinning, with very few people listening (or reading, for that matter), bop along before you make that much needed visit to Third Eye Temple’s webstore for a worthy split comprised of fun blackened thrash metal goodness.

Revel in Flesh – Emissary of All Plagues

‘Emissary of All Plagues’ is not the best album Revel in Flesh has ever done, but as implied, the band does pull off another quality run at Swedish death metal. For fans of Swedeath, this is still good news.

Necromorbid – El Dia De La Bestia

Necromorbid attempts a homage to musical accompaniment fitting for a Black Mass. With the garrison of fallen angels opened and the fallen angels freed from their restraints, heaven is torn asunder in a sky turned bloody crimson, corpses of cherubim lining the earth for miles and miles.

Void Meditation Cult – Utter the Tongue of the Dead

‘Utter the Tongue of the Dead’ is largely comprised of imaginative and innovative music, without the songs morphing endlessly unto cessation, aimlessly galloping from one trodden tempo to a blast section and back.

Ruins – Undercurrent

Sadly overlooked by some fans in favor of bands with more hype and marketability, Ruins does not rely on publicity to achieve its impetus – create good black metal.

Terra – Mors Secunda

Even in black metal, where musicianship is sometimes overlooked in favor of hype and gimmickry, there should be no doubt that these guys are more than simply competent musicians. ‘Mors Secunda’ is the culmination of vision, hard work and dedication to the craft.

Our Place of Worship is Silence – The Embodiment of Hate

‘The Embodiment of Hate’ is unique, aggressive, and heavy as a monolith, so prepare for big hooks and chugging rhythms playing this.

Uncoffined – Ceremonies of Morbidity

The members of Uncoffined don’t sound like newcomers to the scene. They reek this old stench like they’ve been on tour for weeks with nary a shower stall in the clubs they visit. So, dedication sensed, music passionately appreciated, I write this review to any fan of doom/death to hear this UK band kick out the jams. You won’t be disappointed.

Entrapment – Through Realms Unseen

I didn’t see this record coming from a band like Entrapment. I am shocked and mortified that one of my favorite death metal bands has transmogrified into a band that lacks vision and intensity.

Division Vansinne – Dimension Darkness

A good listen for a workweek, or a weekend warrior’s wet dream hiking through woody areas, Dimension Darkness is worth the listen. Let’s hope that Division Vansinne is just getting started.

Ordo Omegae Absolutae – Compendium Ordinis

While it’s hard to tell whether other fans will agree with my tastes, I doubt fans will turn down an opportunity to find out what style fits them best. Open-minded fans are encouraged to give ‘Compendium Ordinis’ a listen.

Sea of Bones / Ramlord – Split

What’s in store is a good rock out after just two tracks of genre-bending genre-tag murder. – By Al Necro

Eteritus – Following the Ancient Path

Eteritus play above-standard death metal for the death metal legions. Do not forget our death metal heritage. Death metal lives on in the hands of bands like Eteritus and labels like Godz Ov War Productions! – By Al Necro

Funeral Whore – Phantasm

Eleven tracks worth of varied, slow, mid-tempo, fast, well-written songs that are played to perfection, Funeral Whore’s ‘Phantasm’ has been criminally underrated so far, so if you’re an old-school death metal collector, order yourself a copy and do death metal a favor. – By Al Necro

Review + Exclusive Track Stream: Rudra – Enemy of Duality

Rudra’s ‘Enemy of Duality’ is another good album to remember 2016 by, regardless of musical preferences, as we all have. It just takes an open mind. – By Al Necro

Cara Neir / Wildspeaker – Guilt and His Reflection

Easily, a classic but contemporary Broken Limbs release by style and ideology, ‘Guilt and His Reflection’ by Cara Neir and Wildspeaker merits a listening experience free of presumption. – By Al Necro

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