Ben Jones

Articles by Ben Jones

Charlie Barnes – Oceanography

An uneven third album from indie prog star Charlie Barnes. Catchy tunes, but a lack of depth ironically lets Oceanography down.

Therion – Beloved Antichrist

The culmination of the Metal Opera concept – ‘Beloved Antichrist’ sounds majestic at times, but is largely bloated nonsense that hasn’t got half as much to say as it thinks it does.

Mint Field – Pasar De Las Luces

A melancholy, dreamy debut from a Mexican duo with a great talent. Mint Field have created a work of great beauty.

Machine Head – Catharsis

An ambitious album from the California bruisers that struggles to find a coherent direction among a din of new ideas.

Haunts – A Lack of Empathy

A beautiful, sombre exploration of emotions. Haunts know exactly how to tug on the heartstrings.

Moth Loves the Flame – Samsara

A dreamy mix of post rock and prog metal from a band finding their sound.

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