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I’m an ageing rocker who has been going to concerts and buying records for over 30 years. I used to write for Metal Hammer, then briefly another magazine that went down to the bottom of the ocean with that fat crook Robert Maxwell.

I gave up for a while. Experimented with listening to dance music, hip hop and indie rock. It broadened my horizons and I had a lot of fun, but when I reached my late 30’s I realised I was living a kind of cultural lie. I love rock music I realised, much of it deeply unfashionable, but fuck it, I’m old enough now not to care. In the meantime I’d become a father, I now have two boys, and accumulated several more tattoos, middle-aged spread and a healthy dislike of modern pop music and the facile celebrity obsessed industry that fuels it.

So I’m an Essex geezer who’s returned to his roots in more ways than one, I live on the coast after having spent 20 years living in East London. Don’t let the tatts and West Ham shirt fool you though. I love Japanese ukiyo-e art and haiku poetry, impressionist art, the works of Alan Moore and Salman Rushdie, botany and bird watching. I still go to gigs as often as my family, liver and bank balance will allow.

My all time favourite bands and artists are The National, The Drive By Truckers, The Who, Wilco, Randy Newman, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Thin Lizzy, Celtic Frost, Slipknot, Public Enemy, Warren Zevon, Queens of the Stone Age, The Handsome Family, AC/DC, Lykke Li, Laura Veirs, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath.

Recent faves include Bo Ningen, Windhand, Witch Mountain, St Vincent, Lana Del Rey, Public Service Broadcast, Ghost Poet, Triptykon, Matthew E White and Courtney Barnett.

Tell me yours.



Articles by Chris Ball

Grey Hairs – Serious Business

A grin inducing celebration of our youth, for those of us old enough to have grown too fat for our Mudhoney ‘Super Fuzz Big Muff’ t-shirts.

Hanni El Khatib – Savage Times: The Complete Collection Vol. 1-5

Savage Times is messy, surprising and yet powerfully thematic and with a captivating identity. An essential listen.

Hollow Earth – Dead Planet (Plus Exclusive Track Premiere)

There’s nary a duff moment on ‘Dead Planet’, it improves with every listen and draws you towards itself with a terrible and impressive gravity.

Richmond Fontaine – Electric Ballroom, London

No fireworks, no extended musical showboating, no curtain calls, just another damn fine sad song.

Acid Arab – Musique de France

This is a wonderful, classy blend, like the best, darkest coffee, sipped kerbside at your favourite cafe.


Wovenhand – Star Treatment

As much a calling as a career, I doubt David Eugene Edwards will ever stop making rich and beguiling music, but Star Treatment is a fine a time as any to begin exploring it. By Chris Ball

Interview: TJ Cowgill from King Dude

Much taken with King Dude’s latest album ‘Sex’, our own Chris Ball was delighted to accept the chance to interview King Dude main man TJ Cowgill.

Syd Arthur - Apricity

Syd Arthur – Apricity

Apricity, ultimately, is gorgeous on the surface, but internally troubled and not as smart as it thinks it is. By Chris Ball

iron witch a harrowed dawn

Iron Witch – A Harrowed Dawn

Iron Witch are not short on displaying attack or skill, but there’s a lack of real flair to elevate this into ‘must hear’ territory. – By Chris Ball

Luke Roberts - Sunlit Cross

Luke Roberts – Sunlit Cross

Painfully honest and admirably single minded, Luke Roberts sounds like a man with his shit together on Sunlit Cross. By Chris Ball


King Dude – Sex

‘Sex’ is a diverse and entertaining set of songs sure to seduce your ears, whatever your kink. – Bu Chris Ball

Church of the Cosmic Skull - Is Satan Real?

Church of the Cosmic Skull – Is Satan Real?

This album is perfect and is, for my money, the best British hard rock debut since the Temperance Movement’s self-titled opus in 2013. By Chris Ball

Goblin Cock - Necronomidonkeykongimicon

Goblin Cock – Necronomidonkeykongimicon

Maybe you can start your journey here into the world of Rob Crow music. If your already a fan, then be assured – with ‘Necronomidonkeykongimicon’ normal service has resumed! – By Chris Ball

Interview: Tony Reed from Mos Generator

Earlier this year, Mos Generator released yet another storming album in ‘Abysinnia’. We asked long time fan Chris Ball to compile some questions and we sent them off to main man Tony Reed. Read about Tony making the biggest and hardest decision in the band’s history, exploding heads, Bowie, Baby Metal and much more.

XII Boar – Beyond The Valley of The Triclops

This is a tremendously enjoyable and accomplished album and has several twelve gauge gigantic tunes – it has the backbone and spare ribs of one tasty hog roast! – By Chris Ball

Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest

Wouldn’t these classic metal songs be vastly improved, you’ve probably been thinking, if they were sung by a man who appears to be chewing cotton wool whilst being violently sick? – By Chris Ball

mos generator - abysinnia

Mos Generator – Abyssinia

If you love hard rock then you love Mos Generator, you just may not know it yet. Tony Reed and his new band mates have produced another set of tunes to cherish, whilst furiously playing air guitar… – By Chris Ball

gojira - magma

Gojira – Magma

Make no mistake, Gojira have created a very good new album in ‘Magma’… Gojira’s time is come. I hope they enjoy the ride and don’t fuck it up. – By Chris Ball

Raging Speedhorn -Lost Ritual

Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual

Yes! The Corby crushers return! Raging Speedhorn have produced not just the best album of their career, but one of the metal albums of the year. – By Chris Ball

EAGULLS - Ullages

Eagulls – Ullages

The inherent miserablism of the band means that despite all the gauzy dreaminess of the music the songs remain largely earthbound and stubbornly unlovable. By Chris Ball.

Seratones - Get Gone

The Seratones – Get Gone

Straight-up-no-messing rock n’roll, satisfaction guaranteed delight. A MIGHTY fine début album, in fact my début album of the year, thus far. By Chris Ball

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