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The Tigerliles 1

Exclusive Track Stream: The Tigerlilies – Shipwrecked

The Tigerlilies are back on heels of their critically acclaimed 123456 EP with a new 7-inch single which boasts the punk pirate shanty A-Side “Shipwrecked.” The band taps a spine tingling vein of influences, ranging from Bowie to the Buz …


Video Premiere: blanket – Acacia

There’s quite a backstory to the band blanket. A devastating house fire destroyed thousands of pounds worth of A/V equipment and nearly cost front man Bobby Pook his life. As the guitarist and songwriter fought defiantly amongst the flames of the home …

Rumour Cubes – Silent Night


Under The Influence with Stuart from Rail Cables

At the beginning of last year, Stuart first got in touch to let us know about a project he was just starting which was going to be “a new series of compilation records featuring new music inspired by train travel”. Since them they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their releases with the latest installment out in January and featuring Steven Hodson (Oceansize / Kong) & Gareth JS Thomas (USA Nails). We thought it would be a good time to ask Stu to pick his three records that set him off down this path.



One of the more interesting and exciting releases this year coming under the banner of psychedelic music has been the collaboration between Kandodo (Simon Price of The Heads) and John McBain (Monster Magnet). To find out more our resident psychonaut Martyn Coppack catches up with Simon and John to find out the inside story.

© Hannah Smiles DMT Desert Mountain Tribe Band Portrait

Under The Influence with Desert Mountain Tribe

Desert Mountain Tribe have had a phenomenal 2016. The release of their debut album, Either That Or The Moon, established them at the forefront of the new wave of psych; a position bolstered by a series of incendiary live performances. We asked the guys to pick three records that set them on their musical journey.


Video Premiere: BUENSUCESO – The Tulip Curse Came With The Arrival Of Fall

BUENSUCESO were given birth by Sergio Espinosa and David Moreno in the spring of 2013, after the split up of the sludge metal band Buffalo. Joined by Eduardo Quesada and Juan de Dios on bass and guitar, they self-release their first EP “Inner …


Exclusive Video: Aidan Baker w. Claire Brentnall – Delirious Things

Aidan Baker has to be one of the most prolific artists in the post / drone / experimental scene right now & for his next album, Delirious Things, he has teamed up with Claire Brentnall from Shield Patterns to create an absolutely stunning sonic wor …


Exclusive Track Stream: Dark Moon – Blackbird

As editor, I feel I have to declare something of a vested interest here. Lola, from London based blues psych quartet Dark Moon is my second cousin once removed (or something, never quite sure how all these things work) and although I’ve never actually …


Under The Influence with Andrea from POSTVORTA

While POSTVORTA write their eagerly awaited third album their first two albums are being reissued. ​Ahead of that, we caught up with Andrea from the band to delve a little in to what makes them tick and asked him to pick three records that have influenced him as a musician


Exclusive Video Stream: TwoMonkeys – WHATT?

TwoMonkeys make muscular mathy, groovy freakout music, somewhere in the realm between Cleft and AK/DK. This month they released their second album,WHATT? recorded in London’s legendary Strongroom Studios, and have now reworked the title track for this …


Under The Influence with Bob from Verse Metrics

Glaswegian post rock / emo / indie band Verse Metrics are back with their first new material since 2012. Ahead of that release, and in the first part of a new series, we asked singer / guitarist Bob to pick three records that have impacted his life in some way and influenced him as a musician. Here’s what he came up with.


Exclusive Track Stream: Young Romance – Pulling At The Grey

London-based shoegaze duo Young Romance are releasing their long-awaited debut album, Another’s Blood, out on Banquet Records on November 25th. Ahead of that we are streaming this glorious slice of fuzzed out noise rock, ‘Pulling At The Grey’  Gui …


Musical Therapy: Charlie Cawood from Knifeworld

Help Musicians UK recently published the results of some research that found a staggering 68.5% of musicians were experiencing incidences of depression. Charlie Cawood from Knifeworld gave us his own very personal reflections on the contributory causes behind the numbers.

MoE press photo 2016

Exclusive Video Premiere: MoE – Wild Horses

  On the new album, MoE challenges their established band sound and bring themselves to uncharted territory. The production reveals new sides that embraces the duality in their music, resulting in their most dynamic and courageous album so far. We …


In The Van with Lord Kesseli and The Drums

Switzerland’s Lord Kesseli and The Drums are one of the most interesting two pieces we’ve come across in a while; what we can best describe as Progressive Slowcore. They hit the UK next week for a series of live shows so we thought it would be interesting to find out what’s on the stereo in their tour van.


Exclusive Track Stream: Driven By Machines – Broken in Half

‘Broken in Half’ was written last year on Bonfire Night. The accompanying remixes were all done recently and featured on the EP are: Karhide and Ryan Welsh with further remixes contributed by Colour Lines and Ben Haviour.” It can only be bought or list …


Exclusive Track Stream: Tomorrows – Golden Lion


Interview: David and Adrian from Foundations Festival, Manchester

This November sees the first installment of a new electronic music festival, Foundations: Manchester; a collaboration between two local record labels Valentine Records and AnalogueTrash aiming to bring something fresh and interesting to the scene. We caught up with David (from Valentine) and Adrian (from AnalogueTrash) to find out more. By Dan Salter


Exclusive Track Stream: Blown Free – The Wizard (Brown Acid: The Third Trip)

<a href=”http://ridingeasyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/brown-acid-the-third-trip”>Brown Acid – “The Third Trip” by RidingEasy Records</a>

Photo by Barbora Mrazkova

Exclusive Album Stream:
in violet – amber

amber by in violet

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