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MoE press photo 2016

Exclusive Video Premiere: MoE – Wild Horses

  On the new album, MoE challenges their established band sound and bring themselves to uncharted territory. The production reveals new sides that embraces the duality in their music, resulting in their most dynamic and courageous album so far. We …


In The Van with Lord Kesseli and The Drums

Switzerland’s Lord Kesseli and The Drums are one of the most interesting two pieces we’ve come across in a while; what we can best describe as Progressive Slowcore. They hit the UK next week for a series of live shows so we thought it would be interesting to find out what’s on the stereo in their tour van.


Exclusive Track Stream: Driven By Machines – Broken in Half

‘Broken in Half’ was written last year on Bonfire Night. The accompanying remixes were all done recently and featured on the EP are: Karhide and Ryan Welsh with further remixes contributed by Colour Lines and Ben Haviour.” It can only be bought or list …


Exclusive Track Stream: Tomorrows – Golden Lion


Interview: David and Adrian from Foundations Festival, Manchester

This November sees the first installment of a new electronic music festival, Foundations: Manchester; a collaboration between two local record labels Valentine Records and AnalogueTrash aiming to bring something fresh and interesting to the scene. We caught up with David (from Valentine) and Adrian (from AnalogueTrash) to find out more. By Dan Salter


Exclusive Track Stream: Blown Free – The Wizard (Brown Acid: The Third Trip)

<a href=”http://ridingeasyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/brown-acid-the-third-trip”>Brown Acid – “The Third Trip” by RidingEasy Records</a>

Photo by Barbora Mrazkova

Exclusive Album Stream:
in violet – amber

amber by in violet


Video Premiere:
aswekeepsearching – At Long Last


Live: Herbal Tea Party 23rd Birthday – Sound Control, Manchester

Manchester’s legendary techno night, Herbal Tea Party, returned after 19 years to celebrate its 23rd Birthday. Dan Salter does his best to put in to words what an incredible night it was.


Sixth Minor – Amygdalae (Review & Exclusive Album Stream)

I find it hard to truly put in to words how much I love this record. Without doubt it’ll be in my top two or three of the year. It just ticks all of my boxes and pushes all of my buttons. If, like me, you love huge beats, euphoric synths married to devastating bass and crushing guitars then this is the album for you. By Dan Salter


Video Exclusive:
Shield Patterns – Glow


Exclusive Track Stream:
Feral Ohms – Love Damage


Exclusive Track Stream:
Kriget – Out Of The Fire Into The Sun


Exclusive Track Premiere:
All The Best Tapes – Perfect Hibernation


Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty

Sweatbox Dynasty has songs that are great, memorable, classic Tobacco songs; it also has songs that can be difficult to unravel. It is an interesting and thought-provoking album. By Evan Sherman


Interview: Rob from Third I Rex Records

A little while back I had an extended email conversation with Rob from Third I Rex about the travails of trying to get coverage for bands on a small, independent label in a world of part time blogs inundated with submissions. He had some interesting things to say so I put together a few questions for him. By Dan Salter


ArcTangent Interview: Dialects

Dialects played ArcTangent for the first time this year. We caught up with Conor and Steven from the band for a quick chat just after they came off stage and still high on adrenaline. By Dan Salter


Being Towards Death: Heidegger and Black Metal

Contemplating death and authenticity, an existential analysis of black metal. – By Jobe Moakes


Festival Preview: Austin City Limits

As it celebrates its fifteenth year, Spencer Blohm gives us a run down of what to expect at 2016’s Austin City Limits Music Festival.

ATG Sign

Festival Review: Arctangent – 18th – 20th August 2016 – Fern Hill Farm, Somerset

The weather gods hate math rock. That’s the only conclusion you can really come to after a third (out of four) successive wet Arctangent. It’s starting to feel vindictive but it didn’t distract too much from another blinding festival. By Dan Salter


Exclusive Video Premiere:
Violetic – Figure It Out

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