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Ever since I discovered my Dad’s Doors and Alice Cooper records, I have had an all encompassing passion for music. I attended my first gig (The Almighty) in 1994 and have been attending gigs all over the world ever since. I have always been into the heavier side of music but have definite eclectic tastes. hardcore, grindcore, death metal, punk, sludge metal, hip hop and doom are some of favourites but if it’s good I’ll give it a listen and am always on the lookout for new bands, artists and albums. Reviewing albums and gigs is a big passion for me too and am always on the lookout to do more and more.

Articles by Gavin Brown

Live Review: Trap Them, Okkultokrati, Venom Prison and Golden Deathmask

Gavin Brown went to Mama Roux’s in Birmingham to see Trap Them, Okkultokrati, Venom Prison and Golden Deathmask. “The watching audience were just glad they got to witness such a harsh and extraordinary set by one of extreme music’s most vital bands.”

Sea Witch / Black Tremor – Split

The material on this split spans a lot of emotional boundaries through the music, with its twists and turns and both Sea Witch and Black Tremor triumph with the end result. A monumental split from two immense bands. – By Gavin Brown

Live Review: Yob, Black Cobra and Opium Lord

Gavin Brown went to Birmingham to see Yob, Black Cobra and Opium Lord. “All three bands in the bill tonight gave their all and everyone here left the venue having witnessed a very special gig.”

Cocaine Piss – The Dancer

Above all, Cocaine Piss are a breath of fresh air in that they truly don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, they just come in, make a noise, but make you think with it and if you can’t handle it, that’s your problem. – By Gavin Brown

Ringworm – Snake Church

If you are looking for an album that delves into a realm of fury that is absent from most heavy bands these days then look no further than ‘Snake Church’. – By Gavin Brown

Concrete Mascara – Perennial Disappointment

Concrete Mascara will make you convinced you won’t find a record this year that is more consumed by utter bleakness, the harshest of harsh noise and a pure hate for the world. – By Gavin Brown

Adrian Sherwood – Sherwood At The Controls Vol 2 1985-1990

This is a fascinating look at Sherwood’s mid to late 80s output which was a hotbed of creativity. By Gavin Brown

Róisín Murphy – Take Her Up To Monto

Once again, Murphy has proved that she is a special talent whose singing is to be treasured and has the songs here to match her vocal skill. This is a brilliant collection of songs that showcases the gorgeous vocals of one this country’s most underrated and unique talents and long may that continue. By Gavin Brown

Death Angel – The Evil Divide

Death Angel have done it again, they have made delivering a truly great metal record look easy and the quality of ‘The Evil Divide’ is second to none. – By Gavin Brown

Festival Preview: Rebellion Festival 2016

An institution for the past twenty years for any fan of punk and hardcore, Rebellion Festival in Blackpool is still going strong and is the highlight of the summer for thousands of punks from all corners of the world. The amount of legendary bands who have played in the past is breathtaking and this years lineup is no exception. The vibrant and varied punk event takes place from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th of August and Gavin Brown take a look at the top 10 bands you cannot miss over the events four days.

Live Review: SUMAC and Mamiffer – The Fleece, Bristol

Gavin Brown saw amazing live sets by SUMAC and Mamiffer at The Fleece in Bristol. “Everyone there knew they had seen something awe inspiring and had been privileged to do so.”

Interview: Rob Cavestany from Death Angel

Gavin Brown had a good chat with guitarist Rob Cavestany from thrash metal legends Death Angel about the new album ‘The Evil Divide’, the beginnings of Death Angel, the Bay Area thrash scene and the triumphs and tragedies along the way.

SUMAC – What One Becomes

SUMAC have proved themselves again to be an intense, intelligent and engaging proposition and with ‘What One Becomes’ have also proved that this album is another fitting addition to Aaron Turner’s vast and varied musical arsenal. – By Gavin Brown

Victims – Sirens

With this brilliant record and the new Discharge album, lovers of that classic d-beat sound have more than enough reasons to rejoice at the moment. – By Gavin Brown

Interview: Aaron Turner (Mamiffer, Sumac, Old Man Gloom)

Aaron Turner took time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with Gavin Brown about the insight of both the stunning new Sumac and Mammifer records as well as Isis and his many other musical projects, Hydra Head Records, the physicality of sound and a whole lot more.

Child Bite – Negative Noise

‘Negative Noise’ is an album to be played loud to truly let the intense vibe of the record run as free as the band intended it to be. – By Gavin Brown

Birushanah – Makyo

This is an album of contrasts, but these contrasts work well to create what is basically a wall of sound and shows the unique nature of Birushanah’s music. The uniqueness of the band and their unholy sound makes for both an intensely interesting and enjoyable listening experience. – By Gavin Brown

Interview: Scott Carlson from Church of Misery and Repulsion

Repulsion’s Scott Carlson is a revered figure in extreme music and rightly so and it was with great excitement that Gavin Brown had a chat with him. With his role on the brilliant new Church of Misery album ‘And Then There Were None….’ fresh in the mind, they talked about how he came to be in the band, the recording of the album and the base subject for Church of Misery songs, serial killers.

Nothing Clean / Higgs Boson – Split

This split release is a brilliant introduction to Nothing Clean and Higgs Boson and both are definitely ones to look out for, both on this 7″ and in a sweat filled live environment. This is intense music from two intense and promising bands. – By Gavin Brown

Interview: Ricky Warwick

Gavin Brown caught up with Ricky Warwick on tour supporting legendary punks Stiff Little Fingers to chat about his new solo album, his Belfast upbringing, touring with his heroes in Stiff Little Fingers and what that means to him and what he has in store in the future with both Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy.

Interview: Per Wiberg from Spiritual Beggars

Gavin Brown got the lowdown on the new Spiritual Beggars album ‘Sunrise To Sundown’ from keyboardist Per Wiberg who gave him an insight into its creation and sound as well as filling us in on what he has got planned in the future with his other musical endeavours.

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