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Self-appointed Constellation & Kranky reviewer (by sheer will-power). Purveyor of experimental ambient/post-rock music, and occasional ambient music composer under the moniker ‘The Light & Day’.

Articles by Gareth Watkin

Those Who Dream By Day – EP 2017

Those Who Dream By Day feel much like a band ready to really showcase what they’re all about, letting their debut EP simply act as a wonderful precursor for what is to come.

Slowburner – Before I Return To Dust

Perhaps the incredibly melancholy nature of the album itself will make this one a difficult one for people to really warm up too, but the emotive nature of the music makes it one that is worth a listen.

British Sea Power – Let The Dancers Inherit The Party

British Sea Power certainly seem to know what they’re doing, and even on their seventh album, haven’t failed in doing so yet.

Anjou – Epithymía

The album pulsates and radiates its ever burgeoning details.

Moon Gravity – Antarctica

Neilyk shows us the many different sides to the landscape, from the beautiful vast open tundras to the incredibly intimidating and powerful weather that shakes one to their core.

Often the Thinker – Better Part of Vice

Sometimes, one can potentially forget just how varied the post-rock genre can be at times, and it takes a band like Often The Thinker to come along and show that there are other ways of doing it!

Those Who Walk Away – The Infected Mass

The drone elements seem to force the listener into the head-space of the artist, whilst the ethereal and beautiful string sections feel like requiems for the horror and terror being expressed in the field recordings. Nothing seems to be done in bad taste, and instead is an incredibly moving and haunting piece of work.

High Plains – Cinderland

A beautifully unsettling and chilling album capturing the essence of ambient and neo-classical genres.

Animal Collective – The Painters

Throws us back into the wonderfully bizarre, crazy and ‘Kinda Bonkers’ world of Animal Collective once again.

Mountain Men – Black Market Flowers

Black Market Flowers instantly put me back into the place where I was remembering all the many reasons why I love their music.

Earthen Sea – An Act Of Love

An ever evolving and transforming musical experience.

Peter Silberman – Impermanence

Sometimes an album can just resonate with you in such a way, that it feels connected with you at a place and point where you happen to be, helping to shape and form your own understanding. For this reviewer in particular, Impermanence has come along at the exactly right moment, as it no doubt has done for other people out there.

Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche – Pas Pire Pop, I Love You So Much

The experimental amalgamations of varying rock genres result in an incredibly varied yet cohesive album experience that’ll stick around for ages.

William Basinski – A Shadow in Time

A perfect demonstration of his own style, complete with all the emotions that comes with it.

Steve Hauschildt – Strands

Hauschildt creates an enigmatic world where sounds naturally come to life before decaying once again

Svin – Missionær

Another enigmatic album experience that offers intense rushes and surprising calms.

Benoît Pioulard – The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter

An album that that feels strangely familiar and comforting, whilst managing to express many ideas and notions.

Off World – 1

The blurring of styles, concepts and genres makes 1 a more interesting electronic album experience, one where general classification is certainly difficult, but the result is one of Perri’s more enigmatic releases. With this being the first of three offering from the newly formed band, one can only wonder what direction the follow-up will ultimately take itself in, and what mysterious world we’ll be transported to next. By Gareth Watkin

Automatisme – Momentform Accumulations

The power from the album comes from the incredible energy that runs throughout each track as it alternates back and forth, all presented in a slightly uncomfortable and intimidating fashion that is still utterly engrossing. By Gareth Watkin

Jason Sharp – A Boat Upon Its Blood

Whilst some artists tend to throw in as many ideas as they possibly can into their debut albums, Sharp instead refines and develops key specific concepts on his debut instead, giving everything a clearly defined edge in presenting itself, rather than sounding like an amalgamation of half-formed ideas or a showcase of skill over talent. Sharp has certainly made the right choices here, and as a result, as produced a stunning debut. By Gareth Watkin

El lenguaje como obstáculo – I

El lenguaje como obstáculo certainly seem to have a good and strong style when it comes to their own branch of post-rock/post-metal music, and whilst some smoothing of those rough corners would greatly benefit the band, there’s certainly something admirable about those roughened corners in the first place. By Gareth Watkin

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