Grant McPhillips

Articles by Grant McPhillips

Haunt – Luminous Eyes

Haunt are adept at the sort of choruses that garnered Maiden, Priest and Saxon their respective fans and each of this EP’s four songs have a chorus that outdoes the last.

Mangoo – The Heat

This album follows you. The songs stick with you for days … Mangoo’s music is pleasantly stuck in your head, with rousing choruses that could brighten up even the most miserable of days.

Interstelar – Resin

‘Resin’ by Interstelar holds no pretences of being an original sounding album. Instead, Interstelar focus on tight musicianship, well-structured songs, and a hefty dose of muscle bulking up their songs. The opening track comes on strong, like Orange Goblin if they fired Ben Ward and got Maynard James Keenan to replace him.

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