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I write about music, mainly metal, globally. I also like cats, climbing, D&D, books and stuff.

Articles by Guido Segers

Andy Marshall from Saor

Guido Segers asked Andy Marshall, the man behind Scottish atmospheric folk black metal band Saor some questions about the new album ‘Guardians’, influences and what it’s like to be Scottish.

Dan Capp from Wolcensmen

Guido Segers caught up with Winterfylleth guitarist Dan Capp to talk about Dan’s solo atmospheric Heathen folk project Wolcensmen.

César Godoy from Temaukel

Guido Segers asks César Godoy from Chilean black metal band Temaukel some questions about their music, inspiration and Chilean culture and history like the wonderful culture and tradition of the Selk’nam people.

Furia – Guido

It feels like the slow procession of the miners through the tunnels, grim, bleak and dark with nothing but darkness awaiting.

CHVE – 10910

‘Rasa’ was the vessel, that when fully charged with expression, meaning and feelings becomes the potent ‘10910’. On ‘10910’ he offers his soul as well, which is why this expression is so completely overwhelming.

Furia – Księżyc milczy luty

On this record Furia sounds dreamy and loose, but always with a flavor of darkness to it. The listener is always trying to catch up up with the never predictable music.

Antonio Sanna from Downfall of Nur

Sardinia is a place with a strange history and a past shrouded in mists. Downfall of Nur illuminates that past with amazingly atmospheric black metal, that will take you away like a fever dream. Guido Segers caught up with Antonio Sanna from this Argentinian based black metal project and asked him about Sardinian influences, and Downfall of Nur’s music in general.

Root – Kärgeräs – Return From Oblivion

Root is going for storytelling, for theatrics and an epic feeling on this tenth full length album. No instrumental acrobatics or brutality, but just some beautiful music.

Valentin Mayamsin from Montfaucon

As part of his ongoing quest to find metal bands in all the obscure places on Planet Earth, Guido Segers asked Valentin Mayamsin from Uzbekistan-based metal band Montfaucon some questions.

Interview: V. from Jupiterian

“The sound of Jupiterian is black as the depths of the cosmos and solid like a thick slab of meteorite hitting you in the face.” Guido Segers caught up with V. from the Brazilian heavy band Jupiterian.

Interview: Chris Naughton from Winterfylleth

Guido Segers caught up with Chris Naughton, singer and founder of British atmospheric black metal band Winterfylleth, to discuss the new album ‘The Dark Hereafter’ and more.

Interview: Feed The Flames

Guido Segers caught up with Gavin Mendonca and Gavin Singh from Caribbean heavy metal band Feed The Flames, from Georgetown,Guyana. They talked about how they want to put heavy metal on the map in their country, punk rock, the Caribbean scene and Creole culture.

Interview: Luguber

You wouldn’t think about the Caribbean as a place where metal music is blooming. Maybe blooming is a bit too early to say, but there’s something stirring under the soil in Suriname for sure, where Luguber is making strides with their unique, dark sound. Guido Segers asked the band some questions to find out more.

Interview: Carthagods

Guido Segers caught up with Tunisian heavy metal band Carthagods and asked them about their band, their music and what it’s like to be a metal band in Tunisia.

Interview: Ashkan from Nine Treasures

Guido Segers got in touch with Ashkan from Mongolian folk metal band Nine Treasures to learn more about the band.

Interview: Kunuk Grønvold from The Perfect Mass

Guido Segers had a chat about with Kunuk Grønvold, a solitary metal artist from the town of Ilulissat in Greenland, who plays in The Perfect Mass and Tempel.

Interview: Sun Worship

Guido Segers caught up with Lars (guitars/vocals) and Bastian (drummer) from German black metal band Sun Worship and asked them some questions about the band’s view on black metal, their inspiration and what it was like to play Roadburn Festival. “I must say that I don’t really like the concept of scenes and their aesthetic rules in general.”

Interview: Luis Pariona “Pishtaco” from Indoraza

Guido Segers asked frontman Luis Pariona “Pishtaco” from Peruvian Andean metal band Indoraza some questions about inspiration from Norway, Andean history and tradition and making metal in a place like Peru.

Interview: Marco Leon from Odo’sha

Guido Segers spoke with guitarist Marco Leon of Venezuelan black metal band Odo’sha about extreme metal in Venezuela and the challenges they face.

Interview: Malthus from Vaalghul

Metal is a many-headed beast and mostly we hear about the bands that roam the western part of Europe or North America. In the quest to find out what else is out there Guido Segers stumbled onto the black metal band Vaalghul from Macedonia and asked Malthus some questions.

Interview: Žydrūnas “Hidra” Augulis from Meressin

Lithuania has a small but dedicated metal scene, which can mostly be found in the south around Vilnius and generally in the bigger cities. Guido Segers had a chat with Žydrūnas “Hidra” Augulis from Samogitian metal band Meressin to find out more.

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