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I write about music, mainly metal, globally. I also like cats, climbing, D&D, books and stuff.

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Light a pagan fire at Kilkim Žaibu 2017: Thursday Review

Kilkim Žaibu aims to look back at the past and find its reflection in the present. This makes for a unique festival, with rituals old and new.

M.Q. from Disorder and Morbid Skull Records, El Salvador

Like many other countries south of the states, metal music has found a place and expression in El Salvador. For some bands the story of their country can be found in their music. Disorder has been telling that story for years. Guido Segers finds out more…

Wederganger / Urfaust – Split

Both bands manage to show a big range of what they do in just two tracks, proving their diversity as well as their status in the Dutch black metal scene.

Gravetemple – Impassable Fears

Is ‘Impassable Fears’ an easy listen? No it isn’t and it couldn’t be, now could it? Gravetemple offers a cathartic rite of passage, a transcendental experience created by three fantastic musicians.

Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)

What you hear on those tracks is a band that may be a little rusty, but hardly touched by the years of inactivity (and the years themselves). The shrieking voice is even wilder and the music remains a solid piece of art.

Bucovina from Romania

Romania has a pretty intense and intriguing metal scene. Many interesting sounds come from that neck of the woods, and one of them is the band named Bucovina. A thriving folk metal project with a distinct flavor to it. Guido Segers speaks to Florin “Crivăţ” Ţibu to find out more.

Al-Namrood – Enkar

I wonder how much the situation in Saudi Arabia has influenced the creation of this record. Al-Namrood is an act of defiance, in every touch of the strings, in every beat in every word it seems to reverberate.

Wolfbrigade – Run With The Hunted

We are living in a fine time for some sound of discontent. This time and age definitely gives Wolfbrigade ample material to bring back the rage.

Festival Review: Northern Discomfort Day 2 – Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen

It’s been a great time here in Copenhagen and though it is hard to find a festival that makes it worth the trip, we for sure hope that more people chose this event next year. The environment, the pricing, the acts and everything is perfectly fine about this festival. A great choice and hopefully the organisation can pull it off again to put it up.

Festival Review: Northern Discomfort Day 1 – Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen

A week after Roadburn and still hungry for that riff, so off to Copenhagen for the Northern Discomfort festival. The fest has its second edition this year at community house Ungdomshuset, which is a place for art and activism with a bunch of simple rules dealing with racism, sexism and all those other things that frankly make you an asshole.

Harmasar: Metal from Moldova

Guido Segers caught up with Moldova based folk/pagan metal band Harmasar. “The main message we are trying to present is the one of ‘knowing your roots’, remembering the great and heroic deeds of your ancestors, as well as the idea of conservation of the traditional values.”

Ashenspire – Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary

Call it avant-garde or experimental if you like, Ashenspire definitely is reshaping some frontiers on their debut full length ‘Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary’.

Hounds of Bayanay

Guido Segers caught up with Hounds of Bayanay, who are a folk metal band from Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic, an autonomous region of Russia.

Molodost from Lebanon

Molodost is a one man black metal band from Lebanon with songs that are vehicles for poetry, expressions of nature and deal with anti-Zionism. Guido Segers asked the man behind the band some questions to find out more.

Cultes Des Ghoules – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love

Though length is no guarantee for greatness, delivering a true epic is rare. Cultes Des Ghoules might have succeeded here at making something grand.

Cnoc An Tursa – The Forty Five

If you are massively into Scotland, Scottishness and black metal, then this is right up your street. If you already feel there’s to much folk metal in the world, give it a pass.

Andy Marshall from Saor

Guido Segers asked Andy Marshall, the man behind Scottish atmospheric folk black metal band Saor some questions about the new album ‘Guardians’, influences and what it’s like to be Scottish.

Dan Capp from Wolcensmen

Guido Segers caught up with Winterfylleth guitarist Dan Capp to talk about Dan’s solo atmospheric Heathen folk project Wolcensmen.

César Godoy from Temaukel

Guido Segers asks César Godoy from Chilean black metal band Temaukel some questions about their music, inspiration and Chilean culture and history like the wonderful culture and tradition of the Selk’nam people.

Furia – Guido

It feels like the slow procession of the miners through the tunnels, grim, bleak and dark with nothing but darkness awaiting.

CHVE – 10910

‘Rasa’ was the vessel, that when fully charged with expression, meaning and feelings becomes the potent ‘10910’. On ‘10910’ he offers his soul as well, which is why this expression is so completely overwhelming.

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