Jason Royle


28 years old, living in Manchester, working in the games industry! My music tastes cover many genres and my favourite bands include; 65daysofstatic, Pelican, Idiot Pilot, Devil Sold His Soul and And So I Watch You From Afar.

Articles by Jason Royle


Post-Metal veterans Larry Herweg (Pelican) & Ben Carr’s (5ive) collaborative debut EP ‘I’ is a thunderous juggernaut, speeding across a sprawling landscape in the searing desert heat. It’s heavy, bleak and awesome.

Alderaan – Infinite Paths

An excellent, epic Post-Rock EP from newcomers Alderaan.

Pijn – Floodlit

Pijn deliver a solid offering of post-metal, drowning moments of heartbreaking calm with punishing heaviness; a mercurial journey that digs deep into the soul and unearths the darkest emotions buried there, exposing them for all to see.

Totorro – Come to Mexico

Come to Mexico is a non-stop barrage of post-rock goodness from start to finish, blending rapid, soaring guitar sequences with carefully placed slower segments, that come together to make one of the most creative and energetic releases this year. By Jason Royle

Respire – Gravity and Grace

Powerful and poignant; Respire’s vision comes to life in their immense debut album ‘Gravity and Grace’. The orchestral ensemble weaves an emotional, desperate atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. By Jason Royle

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