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Dan Briggs from Nova Collective

Dan Briggs took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Liam Savage about his musical influences, the creative process, and the general theme behind his new band Nova Collective’s debut album ‘The Further Side’.

Ape Shifter – Ape Shifter

The instrumental power-trio plays a stripped-down version of up-tempo prog rock with a jam band type atmosphere. The band’s self-titled debut album brings all this out of the speakers with a live ambiance.

Nova Collective – The Further Side

To put it into general terms, this is like a modern take on the classic jazz fusion and prog heavyweights of the 1970’s. It’s reminiscent without veering into copycat terrain.

Hyenas – Deadweights

The formula that the German band possesses is one of being short and sweet. Give us an aural blast, make it abrasive, but don’t be afraid to warm certain edges of the style with your own little subtleties. I find this to be the main formula of their debut album ‘Deadweights’.

Slyde – Back Again

At close to twenty minutes of music featured on this EP, I can hear certain aspects in the instrumentation that have potential and can go places, but it seems once an idea starts to take shape, the band move on to something else instead of letting the idea breathe.

Sunless – Urraca

The music is dirty and sullen, but with a goal at drawing the listener in to its intoxicating haze of instrumentation.

Pryapisme – Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium

To listen to Pryapisme is an experience in musical extremes in a lot of ways. The group empties as many styles and ideas into one song as some bands do on an entire album. It can be a challenging listen, but very rewarding at the same time.

Kodiak Empire – Silent Bodies

This band is original in the best sense. Kodiak Empire sound like they do a form of controlled improv in a way with their arrangements, basically in the sense that they make the music sound like a jam but within a controlled atmosphere where they know where the sound is going.

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