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Cataya – Sukzession

With the year coming to an end and everyone wanting to get their best of lists ready, this is by far one of the best instrumental releases of 2015 and maybe worth including in your list. – Mark Martins

Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence

Graveyard are a celebration of another era while adding some swift touches of modernness here and there. It’s laid back and a great album to sit back and enjoy a beer to. – By Mark Martins

Caspian – Dust and Disquiet

It’s risky to say, but this might well be Caspian’s best and most complete work to date. It seems they’ve captured some of their very best ideas and emotions and did a superb job passing them along to the listeners. ‘Dust and Disquiet’ is one of the most dense, emotional and epic experiences I’ve ever had with a record. – By Mark Martins

Interview: Philip Jamieson from Caspian

Mark Martins had a chance to interview Philip Jamieson from Caspian about their up and coming fourth LP ‘Dust & Disquiet’ and tour, themselves and their career so far.

Rosetta – Quintessential Ephemera

This is an extension of the work they have done so far. It is cohesive, ambitious and inspired. Isis have broken up, Cult of Luna are on a hiatus, Rosetta are here to take the throne. Please do give them the respect and recognition they surely deserve. – By Mark Martins

Interview: Matt Weed from Rosetta

Mark Martins spoke to Matt Weed from Rosetta about the recording process and the new album ‘Quintessential Ephemera’, their approach to releasing albums on Bandcamp, the past and the future.

Sisters Of… – The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary

Sisters Of… have indeed stepped up to the plate in a time where many claim the post-rock/metal genre is overcrowded and oversaturated. They have presented us with something that is not innovative, but is fresh and expertly crafted. I cannot ask for more. – By Mark Martins

Royal Thunder – Crooked Doors

A sophomore album is always a difficult moment in a band’s career but Royal Thunder have knocked it out of the park. – By Mark Martins

Interview: Juho Niemelä from Callisto

Mark Martins asked Callisto’s bass player Juho Niemelä some questions about the new and well acclaimed album ‘Secret Youth’, which could possibly be the band’s most mature and diverse album to date.

Callisto – Secret Youth

Callisto have proven here that great bands are not the ones who create the same album over and over again but the ones who are willing to take risks and throw curveballs. – By Mark Martins

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