Nik Prowse

Long-time muso into metal, prog, post-rock, trip hop & electronica looking for his next new favourite band.

Articles by Nik Prowse

Arcadea – Arcadea

This is Mastodon on acid, with the psych setting turned up to 11: the soundtrack for a trip to the edge of the galaxy.

BardSpec – Hydrogen

I loved the atmosphere created by ‘Hydrogen’, which sits comfortably with the best work of ambient electronica’s heavyweights.

Dystopian Future Movies – Time

As the music gets heavier Caroline Cawley’s voice is the constant – clear, wavering, beautiful.

Sólstafir – Berdreyminn

This album is definitely a worthy successor to the masterful ‘Ótta’, but it’s not ‘Ótta 2’. My album of the year so far by a mile.

Broken Thoughts – Realign

You can’t rush this stuff. You have to give it head space, spend time with it. Absorb it.

Ghost Bath – Starmourner

A cohesive album with a blend of metal and post-rock influences that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Echoes Of The Past: The God Machine – Scenes from the Second Storey

An essential album from a band with an all-too-short career.

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