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I was raised out of steel in the swamps of New Jersey, well, at least I like to think so. The reality is a mundane town in North Wales called Wrexham. After years of trying to escape via the means of sex, drugs and rock and roll (well, two of them are right!) I eventually settled down to a life of nappies and office work. This wasn't enough though and that urge to be Keith Richards just kept creeping up…that's when I met Dan. Like a collision of two worlds, a grand meeting of minds or just pure luck, I pestered Dan with my rather basic scrawlings on unknown punk bands only for the reply to be, you are able…join us…and so it was. I love music and I love writing so to do both is a no-brainer really. I may be the resident old school rocker of E&D but the truth could not be further away. Put aside my Springsteen fixation and you will find a nice sweet person who, when put in front of a typewriter, becomes a cross between Bukowski, Thompson and Bangs. Beware any bands who try to mollycoddle me into a good review, I bite. All music is good but in particular it has to be Americana, psych and garage for me. E&D has given me the opportunity to push my beliefs onto other people and I am forever grateful. May this go on forever! As a side note, I stilll to this day do not understand what Post-Rock is. Â

Articles by Martyn Coppack

Radiation Flowers – Summer Loop

It’s the sound of a band coming into their own and finding their feet, and this makes for a rather exciting album

Couch Slut – Contempt

This is the sound of transgressive art in all its full glory, and album that takes your moral ideas and spits them right back at you.

Shooting Guns – Flavour Country

Instrumental heavy psych bands are ten a penny these days, few are as vital as Shooting Guns.

Earthling Society – Ascent To Godhead

It should come with a warning that only true psych heads need apply but that would spoil the fun for those wishing to dabble.

Grateful Dead: A Primer For The Long Strange Trip

With the recent 50th Anniversary celebrations, a new documentary showing on Amazon Prime, and the remaining core of the band selling out arenas across the US, Grateful Dead’s stock has never been higher. The strangest of bands in that they are cultural cornerstones of the hippy movement, and form an integral part of musical history, they nonetheless remain a cult band.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood- Barefoot In The Head

Rarely has an artist of such longevity sounded so invigorated as Chris Robinson does on this album. Behind its laid back feel is a bunch of songs which touch on all the tenets of Americana and in another time this album would be huge

Hawkeyes/Radiation Flowers – Split LP

On paper it shouldn’t work, instead it becomes one of the best releases this year. A stunning release which proves the psych genre still has much to offer.

Sasquatch – Maneuvers

‘Maneuvers’ may well find itself at hovering in a few end of year lists, especially amongst rock fans and for that we can be glad.

The Left Outsides – There Is A Place

Whilst this is an unusual release, it does tie together the disparate strands of the bands music and we can start to build a wider picture of them. For those who have succumbed to their charms this is an excellent if inconsequential (at times) release

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Amerikana

The dual quality of intimacy and spaciousness becomes a theme throughout Amerikana as it seeks ever more spiritual paths. It’s unusual to see a band strike such fervosity without becoming overtly religious.

Hair Of The Dog – This World Turns

Whilst the industry will no doubt dither and perhaps continue to moan the lack of decent rock bands in the UK, Hair Of The Dog have proved with ‘This World Turns’ that there is still life in the old “dog” yet.

Skunk – Doubleblind

Get those battle jackets back out and let’s return to a more innocent time, of only for the forty or so minutes of this album. Bow down before the riff and relive your inner metal star.

Gov’t Mule – Revolution Come, Revolution Go

‘Revolution Come. Revolution Go’ sits well amongst their other releases, and may actually be their most fulfilling studio release so far.

Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly – On Her Journey To The Sun

Whilst his day job may attract all the plaudits, Sjöblom’s Gungfly music is nothing short of remarkable and anyone with a passing interest in him should take time to explore this album.

Hey Colossus – The Guillotine

They are a band who deserve all the success they get and this album certainly does them a lot of favours. Not as noisy or as urgent as in the past, Hey Colossus just staked a claim for a wider share of the spoils, and for that we celebrate them.

White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat

Thematically it continues to dissect and engage in a political manner, always intelligent, forever questioning. Musically, it’s probably their most interesting yet with the sparse nature allowing for the instruments to breathe. White Hills have always been a great band, here they become essential.

Ecstatic Vision – Raw Rock Fury

If you have ever felt that burning heart of rock and roll then Ecstatic Vision have delivered a treat, a sermon if you will.

Pond – The Weather

Pond may be old hands at this game now but on the basis of The Weather they’re certainly not finished yet. An album of sweet highs and delicious lows, they avoid the over sickly psych that is prevalent with this kind of sound and deliver an album which may well be recognised as the defining sound of the summer.

Anubis – The Second Hand

Pour yourself a drink, stick your headphones on, and lose yourself in the story for a while. You’ll enjoy it.

Steve Hackett – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Martyn Coppack saw Steve Hackett on his Genesis Revisited tour. “Nearly three hours later, we have been taken on a journey with the Hackett being the thread that has bound us all together. It’s almost too much to take in at first and its only later as the energy drifts off, that you realise what an astonishing show you have just seen.”

Giöbia – Magnifier

It’s a work of tripped out intensity and ticks all the boxes for the discerning psychonaut. An impressive and far out album.

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