Robin Ono


Robin is a writer born and raised in the small country of Luxemburg.
Eurasian, raised English and schooled in the french educational system, the task of figuring out which olympic team to root for triggers a deep, harrowing existential crisis in his soul. Over the years, his go-to response when asked about his origins has come to be funnelled down into a single phrase:
“I am basically a white man dipped in soy sauce”.

Articles by Robin Ono

Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

What’s most disconcerting about Artificial Brain’s music is that none of it sounds human yet every second of it feels alive.

Bagarre Générale – Tohu-Bohu

Once again, Bagarre Générale have delivered excellence with a sophomore record that will leave you mesmerised by its grandeur.

Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

While not the band’s best, ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’ is a record that will surely quench the thirst of any heavy music fan in search for some dark, punishing grindcore.

Ulver – The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

Once again, Ulver has caught us off-guard and delivered yet another masterfully crafted album, one that meticulously borrows from their past whilst also diving head-on into new territory. ‘The Assassination of Julius Caesar’ is a somber, poetic record veiled in glamour and melancholy.

Mondkopf – They Fall But You Don’t

A horrifying and striking account of trauma, beautifully and vividly narrated by an artist whose talent has yet to show its limits.

Converge – Jane Live

With its precise production and ferocious delivery, ‘Jane Live’ offers an interesting new take on the bands’ most iconic studio output.

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