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I am an English Literature student of many passions, chief among them being ignoring my essays and waxing lyrical about bands. I am fortunate enough to be able to do both of these things at once for Echoes & Dust. There is little rhyme or reason to the spread of music I love, so don't be surprised (and try not to hit me) if you spy me at some black metal gig or other in a Neutral Milk Hotel tee.  

Articles by Sam Birkett

VASA – Colours

They clearly write, record and play for the love of doing so, and so long as that lasts I reckon their music will keep growing in ecstatic force. By Sam Birkett

IIVII – Colony

With ‘Colony’, IIVII has achieved an amazing feat – a soundtrack that can both stand alone and meld seamlessly with the narratives of others. – By Sam Birkett

Bold Ashes – Second Son, Seventh Sky

Second Son, Seventh Sky is the debut of Atlanta ‘prog-punk-electronoise’ duo Bold Ashes. It compiles tracks the band have been releasing steadily throughout the past year, and it’s a noised-out statement of intent that should prick up weird ears everywhere. By Sam Birkett

Raspelf – Panco Macaque

Raspelf trumps Dr Frankenstein with Panco Macaque – a patchwork monster this record may be, but its creator has nurtured it, and so it has become a thing of chaotic beauty. By Sam Birkett

Delta Sleep – Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies is both the album we needed and the album we deserved from Delta Sleep. By Sam Birkett

Blanck Mass – Dumb Flesh

Dumb Flesh addresses the physicality of human experience from grotesque angles: the instrumental mass of these tracks swell and fracture, ebbing between the familiar and the uncanny as they refract EDM and drone into vital noise. By Sam Birkett

Malthusian – Below the Hengiform

‘Below the Hengiform’ is a towering early opus for Malthusian, achieving in three tracks what many bands can’t in an album. The tension and release of its music is rapturous, its lyrics sophisticated, and if they can manage to extend this level of quality onto their début LP they will be an unstoppable force. – By Sam Birkett

Live Review: Primordial, Winterfylleth, Portrait, Malthusian at The O2 Academy, Islington, London. 7th February, 2015

“Theirs was a truly magnificent performance, embodying all the paradoxically elevating but crushing brilliance of the best metal,” by Sam Birkett

Interview: Portrait

On the last show of their UK tour, Sam Birkett met with Christian Lindell from Swedish heavy metal band Portrait to talk heavy metal, religion and escapism.

Vision Fortune – Country Music

This is not an album to take for tea. It’s jagged, unsettling, and would probably curdle the milk. By Sam Birkett

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