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From my early interest in Bowie, Pixies and any unknown CD’s my dad owned, music has been at large in my life. My passion for this intensified in my early teens as I sought more experimental and heavier styles, Converge, Botch and other 90’s hardcore propelled this. Later Black Metal, Death Metal and other grim sounds became my normal listening sphere, eventually leaving me where I am today. Writing about music is my way of maintaining discovery, but more importantly drawing other people into new artist discographies and genres.

Articles by Sam Robinson

Unearthly Trance – Stalking the Ghost

Overall, this new offering sounds like the record the band wanted to make in all aspects; the success of which shows through the blistering and ethereal doom tracks crafted for optimal impact.

Tomb Mold – Primordial Malignity

Quite simply, this is my death metal record of the year, and I’m more than anticipating this project’s future.

Uniform – Wake in Fright

A truly interesting and diverse project.

Black Marble – It’s Immaterial

It’s Immaterial, overall, expertly creates the sense of melancholy and an underlying sense of despair.

Soft Kill – Choke

This latest record is as beautiful as a record so thematically soaked in death and depression can be, thus making ‘Choke’ a pinnacle for the band and a highlight for the year’s music as a whole.

Trap Them – Crown Feral

Their music is a unique attack unparalleled by anyone else, with ‘Crown Feral’ they seek to obliterate and leave you bleeding out, fulfilled and anticipating an incredible band’s future releases. – By Sam Robinson

Touché Amoré – Stage Four

‘Stage Four’ is the band at the most direct they have ever been, there aren’t many albums within the genre that cut so deep with lyrical themes, but also place you within the pain and conflicting thoughts of the person who wrote the songs. – By Sam Robinson

Harm Wülf – Hijrah

Harm Wülf has managed to create a vast and gloomy piece that is excellently written and tied together yet spacious enough to keep returning to and appreciating the depth of each track. – By Sam Robinson

Psalm Zero – Stranger To Violence

Metal fans who dabble in the realms of dark wave, new wave and post-punk will certainly find strong points to come away from experiencing this record. – By Sam Robinson

Anicon – Exegeses

Anicon have achieved a level of intensity and unyielding rage on ‘Exegeses’ that in parts morphs into sheer beauty. This is not only another addition to Gilead Media’s shining roster, but also a project that will undoubtedly make a name for itself in black metal’s ever-mutating state. – By Sam Robinson

Frameworks – Smother

Frameworks have perfected the sound they were going for in their early releases, and as a result have produced a collection of tight, incredibly well written tracks that honour the genre of melodic hardcore, post-hardcore and wherever else they draw influence. – By Sam Robinson

Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us

At the end of the day, this record is bone crushing and brutal and so satisfying because of it; let it lay waste to your senses and become your favourite metal record of 2016. – By Sam Robinson

Kvelertak – Nattesferd

It will be difficult to return to anything other than this for a good neck breaking and beer swigging in the coming years- Kvelertak have for sure outdone themselves. – By Sam Robinson

Ancst – Moloch

Ancst are able to channel their powerful ethos into these tracks, with a visceral and battering musical experience as a result. – By Sam Robinson

Geryon – The Wound And The Bow

This is a stand out record of this year, but more importantly of metal as a whole. – By Sam Robinson

Lake Of Violet – The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines

An experience more than anything, one I think many people within the metal listening sphere will find a lot to enjoy. A record worth your time and a record that will sit boldly among Gilead Media’s already unique collection of releases. – By Sam Robinson

Interview: Lee Burford from The Body

Within the mass of interest that their music triggers, Sam Robinson has managed to whittle it down to ask drummer and programmer Lee Burford about their upcoming live shows, influences, future endeavours and the incredible sonic monsters The Body have forged.

Rotten Sound – Abuse to Suffer

‘Abuse to Suffer’ flew by me on first listen, as I think it will for most, but multiple listens reveals this band’s continuing ability to write crushing yet articulated grindcore tracks that are as chaotic as they are formulated within the track listing. – By Sam Robinson

The Body – No One Deserves Happiness

This album is an opus in modern metal and an example of a band at a never ending peak. Where ever The Body decides to venture sonically in the future, I feel a majority of those who hold their music to a high regard will look back on ‘No One Deserves Happiness’ as a defining moment. – By Sam Robinson

Death Index – Death Index

Death Index have produced a punk record that shows influence where it should yet provides diversity that is usually missed on modern records like this. A fuzzed out, noise soaked punk gem that satisfies time and time again. – By Sam Robinson

The Lion’s Daughter – Existence Is Horror

The Lion’s Daughter are a band on the path to contributing a refreshing take on the underground of heavy music. This latest record may not be their full capacity yet, but it is a solid release nonetheless. – By Sam Robinson

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