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Started out musically educated by the following: John Peel, Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show, Alice’s Restaurant, Pirate Rock Radio, friends and older brothers record collections, and the music papers/mags of the time, Sounds, NME, Melody Maker, Kerrang, Metal Forces. Going out into the wider world and spending too much time in numerous record shops including, Shades, Downtown (especially the second hand section upstairs), and what seemed like the endless amount of stores in Camden and Central London. Then there are the countless gigs, and festivals. Even excursions into own musical attempts as a guitarist with The Kirsty Injection, Way Hey Hey, and laughably as a drummer in Trad Arr, albeit very briefly. Favourite genres and sub-genres: Rock, Metal, Doom, Stoner, Thrash, Psychedelic, Americana, Blues, Indie, Punk, Soul, Singer-songwriter, and a whole lot more besides, in-between, and further afield. And, after scribbling duties for the now defunct This is not a Scene, I have the privilege and pleasure to continue this musical adventure writing for Echoes and Dust.   

Articles by Andy Little

Le Butcherettes & The Picturebooks – Our Black Heart, London

The band’s bright synthy pop side is mostly forsaken for a storming passionate, energetic, and incredibly tight Indie punk assault. Le Butcherettes are currently cooking at a must see high temperature.

The Wolfhounds – Untied Kingdom (…or how to come to terms with your culture)

The self-confessed middle aged freaks have produced a record which showcases the many facets of their sound and more besides, this could, quite possibly, be their masterpiece. By Andy Little

Suicidal Tendencies – World Gone Mad

There are plenty of tracks on World Gone Mad, which can be snugly added into their live set and keep the mosh pit in ecstatic slam circulating mood. – By Andy Little

Interview: Dave Callahan and Andy Golding from The Wolfhounds

In the run up to releasing their first proper album since 1990, Andy Little caught up with the founders and the driving force behind the band, Dave Callahan and Andy Golding, to find out more about the ideas and making of the said record.

Brant Bjork – Tao of the Devil

Brant and his Low Desert Punk rockers may be men out of their time, but they have created an effortlessly sounding, unashamedly retro, sun drenched, bluesy, big fat spliff stoner rock vibe. – By Andy Little

The Sword – Low Country

Overall, ‘Low Country’ is a mixed achievement, some songs make the acoustic transition successfully others less so, and although this isn’t a bad album it does on the whole leave an underwhelming impression. – By Andy Little

Live Review: Dopethrone, Gurt, Limb and Wizard Fight

Andy Little saw Canadian sludge powerhouse Dopethrone in London, with support from Gurt, Limb and Wizard Fight. “My ears were happily bleeding, all senses crushed by sheer brutal musical power.”

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Y Proffwyd Dwyll

If any further evidence was needed, this album not only confirms, but enhances whole heartedly, that Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard are musically a match for their inspiring band name. ‘Y Proffwyd Dwyll’ is gloriously heavy in sound, and majestic in scope. – By Andy Little

Crobot – Welcome To Fat City

Crobot come at you with an all knowing mischievous grin and a wink to confidently charm, seduce, and worm their way into your musical soul, while flying into orbit in a funky rock-et. – By Andy Little

Interview: Paul Davies from Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard

Welsh monolithic crushing doomsters Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard are all set to release their new excellent second record ‘Y Proffwyd Dwyll’ at the end of September. Andy Little caught up with guitarist Paul Davies to find out more.

Thee Oh Sees – A Weird Exits

This album furthers the claim that the Thee Oh Sees are probably one of the most vital bands currently in circulation at the moment. – By Andy Little

Live Review: The Midnight Ghost Train and XII Boar

Andy Little saw The Midnight Ghost Train and XII Boar at The Black Heart in London. “Tonight was a blast watching two bands who know how to rock with passion, zeal, and conviction.”

Blues Pills – Lady In Gold

‘Lady In Gold’ sounds like a natural transformation and has indeed converted me into the Blues Pills thumbs up brigade. – By Andy Little

Echoes of the Past: Budgie – The MCA Albums 1973-1975

With the re-release of ‘The MCA Albums 1973-1975’, Andy Little dives into Budgie’s legacy as the hard rock and proto-metal powerhouse of the 70’s and 80’s.

Interview: Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes

Teri Gender Bender from Le Butcherettes kindly took time out to happily answer Andy Little’s questions on a diverse range of topics for Echoes and Dust.

Slow Season – Westing

The enjoyment of this record and, indeed band, will probably rest on your view and ultimately taste of how far you want your Led Zeppelin fix provided by someone else other than Jimmy Paige and the boys. – By Andy Little

Steve Gunn – Eyes On The Lines

The mood and tone is positively mellow, content, and upbeat in a laid back manner so one can be easily swept away by its beautiful guitar harmonies. And it boasts some of the best effortlessly sounding intricate guitar playing and interplay you will hear all year. Being lost has never sounded so good. By Andy Little

Interview: Brandon Yeagley from Crobot

Crobot is coming over to Europe this month and shall be unleashing their second album pencilled in for an Autumn release on Nuclear Blast Records. Andy Little caught up with vocalist Brandon Yeagley who kindly reveals what to expect at the live shows, the bespoke new album, and a whole lot more.

Live Review: Evil Blizzard – The Lexington, London

Andy Little went to see Evil Blizzard at The Lexington. “A band who know exactly what they are doing regarding stage presence, theatrics, and creating a fully enhanced blistering mesh of varying music genres, which ultimately never distracts from an Evil Blizzard sound and look all of its own.”

Live Review: Metal Church and Bliksem – The Camden Underworld, London

Andy Little saw thrash metal legends Metal Church at The Camden Underworld with support by Belgium’s Bliksem. “A high degree of heavy metal prowess throughout.”

Interview: Jim Palmer from Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn are back and are close to release their new album ‘Lost Ritual. Andy Little caught up with guitarist Jim Palmer, who reveals all about the reformation, the making of the new album, the state of current extreme metal/hardcore music, and more besides.

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