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Profanatica – The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy

Whilst on the face of it, it appears to be a simple primitive old school black metal release, in ‘The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy’ Ledney and Gelso have produced a complex and intriguing album that only adds to their already legendary status on the underground USBM scene. – By Steve Fallows

Live Review: Cattle Decapitation, Crepitation, Exhumation & Deified

Steve Fallows saw great sets by Cattle Decapitation, Crepitation, Exhumation & Deified live in Liverpool. “A genuinely great band at the top of their game.”

Live Review: MONEY

Dave Brooks saw MONEY at the Battersea Arts Centre in London. “The audience are left with little more than dogged strums and prolonged cries of anguished self-abandonment. For such a melancholic ending, it’s stunningly cathartic.”

Live Review: Carina Round and She Makes War

Steve Fallows saw Carina Round (known from Puscifer) and She Makes War in Manchester. “A brilliant night, with two very special talents.”

Live Review: Raging Speedhorn, Stoneghost and By Any Means

Steve Fallows saw Raging Speedhorn on Leeds a few weeks ago. “There is every chance they could outdo the original success the band found.”

Live Review: The Ginger Wildheart Band, Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons

Steve Fallows saw some sweaty sets by The Wildhearts, Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors and Massive Wagons at The Deaf Institute in Manchester. “The band are really tight and look like they are enjoying every single second, even in this hot, muggy atmosphere.”

Cradle of Filth – Dusk… And Her Embrace – The Original Sin

Being a fan of the more primitive sound of Cradle of Filth’s earlier work than the more polished sound that became their signature, this holds a lot more interest and enjoyment for me. – By Steve Fallows

Interview: Buzz Osborne from The Melvins

Steve Fallows had a little chat with The Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne when the band played Leeds a few weeks back.

Live Review: Chris T-T, Helen Chambers, Neil Morris and Matt McKee – The Star & Garter, Manchester

Steve Fallows saw Chris T-T, Helen Chambers, Neil Morris and Matt McKee at The Star & Garter in Manchester. “Another one of those nights that convinces you that you should go out and support a show when possible.”

Live Review: The Melvins – The Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Steve Fallows saw The Melvins at The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. “An excellent show, one of the best I have seen from them, and that’s saying something.”

The Wildhearts – Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung – PHUQ Live

Live albums are often hit and miss affairs (more often miss than hit), but this is one that perfectly encapsulates The Wildhearts as a band. The massive pop choruses sit side by side with some huge riffs and massive punk and metal influences, and then you have the crowd singing along with nearly every word. – By Steve Fallows

Hatebreed – The Concrete Confessional

Hatebreed don’t really do bad albums, but it’s been a while since they have released an album as fierce as ‘The Concrete Confessional’. – By Steve Fallows

Interview: Alex Erian from Despised Icon

At the recent Impericon Festival, Steve Fallows managed to grab a few words with Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian and talked about the future for the recently reformed Canadian deathcore crew.

Live Review: Puscifer – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Jody Dunstan saw Puscifer in Manchester recently. “Experiencing Puscifer’s first show in Manchester and the UK was a privilege, far from being an ego trip or a distracting side-project Puscifer are an captivating and unique musical experience.”

Melvins – Basses Loaded

One of the most melodic and accessible albums that the Melvins have released for a long time, and the fact they can do that while still making quite a challenging record speaks volumes of a band doing exactly what they want to do. – By Steve Fallows

Live Review: Goblin – Dawn Of The Dead – Gorilla, Manchester

A very different experience to your usual gig or cinema visit, and it works so well, it’s strange that it hasn’t happened more often. Imagine a huge arena tour showing Star Wars or A Disney Fantasia show. – By Steve Fallows

Mantar – Ode To The Flame

It’s definitely a grower that you appreciate more with time, but definitely worth sticking with, you will be rewarded. – By Steve Fallows

Festival Review: Impericon Festival 2016 – Manchester

Steve Fallows went to the Manchester edition of this year’s Impericon Festival. “A great reminder of the depth and variety of music that lives in the world between metal and hardcore.”

Aborted – Retrogore

One of the best death metal releases you will hear all year, from one of the genre’s best bands. What more could you want? – By Steve Fallows

Interview: Chris Fielding from Conan and Skyhammer Studio

Steve Fallows caught up with Conan bass player and producer Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio when the band played in Manchester a few weeks ago.

Pennywise – Nineteen Eighty Eight

It’s rare that a band get this format right so early in their career, especially in punk. A must have for fans of the band, and a decent place to start if you aren’t too aware of this band. – By Steve Fallows

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