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I have wide ranging musical taste – I listen to heavy metal, power metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal, post metal, blackened shoegaze metal, post apocalyptic technical death metal, funeral metal, funeral goth metal, industrial synth metal, and, of course, jazz.

Articles by Tim Porter

Husbandry – Bad Weeds Never Die

The thing I like most about the band and especially about Bad Weeds Never Die, is the music is exciting, energetic, and fun, but retains metal heaviness. You kind of get it all, here, a one stop shop.

Low Estate

We managed to catch up with the members of Low Estate, a supergroup made up of Brendan Tobin (Red Sparowes, Made Out of Babies), Jimmy Hubbard, Geoff Garlock (This is Year One), and Chris Todd (Sannhet).

Low Estate – Covert Cult of Death

The band has one job to do: to crush. Sure, there are one or two moments of melody on the album, but they only exist to lull the listener into a feeling of security so to be crushed again. Crushed and smashed.

Rosetta – Interview with Matt Weed

We caught up with Matt Weed of Rosetta recently as the band embarks on a US tour to support their latest album Utopioid. The album is amazing and well worth purchasing! But we don’t stop there. We talk about how the band writes, records, and what it’s like being fully independent of a label.

Rosetta – Utopioid

Utopioid is the best work the band has produced since its debut in 2005. This album will be on a lot of people’s top ten at the end of the year. It’s fantastic.

WhiteNails – First Trip

This is stoner rock as Satan designed it. This is the stoner rock your droids are looking for.

Moths & Locusts – Intro/Outro

The band’s noisy transitions from one theme to the next and the way themes build and ebb are the perfect complement for a dime bag, delivered pizza and hours on a couch contemplating random shit.

Spotlights – Seismic

Lets say you took My Bloody Valentine, added a bit of Gish-era Smashing Pumpkin, sledgehammered it with Godflesh and then topped the remainder with a twist of Tangerine Dream, you would have New York’s Spotlights. However, the net result of all this crossbreeding is a new hybrid animal. Its own thing, a unique product that stands apart and pushes hard at genre boundaries.


Over the past five years Sannhet has built a well-deserved reputation for being one of the fiercest, most electrifying instrumental bands in New York. Their third full length album, ‘So Numb’, just released on Profound Lore Records, has immense energy and intensity, but is a bit of a departure in style from previous releases. Tim Porter caught up with Sannhet and asked them all about it.

Spirit Of… – Glossolalia

The album should come with a warning label to anyone grieving or dealing with personal trauma. It may distract you, but your sorrow will only grow more acute. It’s the musical equivalent Shindler’s List.

Dan Friel of Upper Wilds, Parts and Labor

Dan Friel is a pioneer of experimental punk music based on noisy electronics. Friel was a founding member of Parts & Labor, a seminal band in the New York indie scene until its dissolution in 2012. After three excellent solo releases, Dan decided to get back to guitar based music he couple play live with a backing band. Called Upper Wilds, the group will showcase a more traditional punk sensibility and vocals. They will release their first album, Guitar Module 2017, on September 22 on via Thrill Jockey Records.

Sannhet – So Numb

At the end of the day, ‘So Numb’ is one of the more impressive post-rock / post-metal albums released to date and certainly the most complex and refined work Sannhet has produced. That’s saying a lot, given how high the band has set the bar with their previous releases.

We Came From The North – Faded Giant

The music at times becomes apocalyptic and solemn, foraying well into metal level heaviness and drive. Other moments feel quite lighthearted, almost like things are ok and the world isn’t going to shit, after all. All of this is glued together by tight arrangements, impressive attention to detail, and excellent melodies.

Andrew Diaz of HarborLights

Tim Porter caught up with HarborLights, a post-rock band from Massachusetts, to talk about the band’s background and influences.

Taichi Nagura of Endon, one of the world’s most extreme noise metal bands.

Somewhere between noise and extreme metal lives Japan’s Endon. Tim Porter managed to catch up with Taichi Nagura, lead singer of the band, and get his take on our many questions about the band.

Josh Graham (IIVII, A Storm of Light, Red Sparowes, Neurosis)

Tim Porter caught up with Josh Graham, former member of Red Sparowes and Neurosis, and chatted about his new IIVII album, ‘Invasion’, ambient music, and his recent work with Soundgarden and Chris Cornell.

Endon – Through the Mirror

As much as they are a suitcase of insanity, Through The Mirror is surprisingly likeable and kind of fun.

IIVII – Invasion

The album is a haunting soundscape, layered with a science-fiction edge and incredible attention to detail.

Com Truise – Iteration

The overall effort is more streamlined and consistent, fully of wonderfully elegant soundscapes and poignant rhythmic intricacy. It’s his best work since ‘In Decay’.

Wrekmeister Harmonies

Tim Porter caught up with JR from Wrekmesiter Harmonies before a show in Toronto where they talked about how he came his musical style, his collaborations and his new album in progress.

Terraformer – Mineral

This is solid technical post-rock, chock full of big highs, heavy lows, massive texture, and surprisingly tender meditative moments that pull at the heart strings like big-eyed immigrant children.

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