Tim Porter

I have wide ranging musical taste – I listen to heavy metal, power metal, death metal, doom metal, black metal, post metal, blackened shoegaze metal, post apocalyptic technical death metal, funeral metal, funeral goth metal, industrial synth metal, and, of course, jazz.

Articles by Tim Porter

Lingua Ignota – Let The Evil Of His Own Lips Cover Him

This music is born in the fear, shame, confusion, anger and ultimately strength and empowerment that comes with facing and then overcoming something terrible. It is deeply personal and to listen to it is to suffer with her.

Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

Perfect for accompanying any endeavor where relaxation and the slow head bob is the objective.

Chip King from The Body

Tim Porter caught up with Chip King from The Body to find out about the band’s recent US tour with Alcest, the band’s sound and what they have planned for the near future.

The Legendary Buzz Osborne from the Melvins and Crystal Fairy

Tim Porter caught up with the legendary Buzz Osborne who was very kind to spend an hour chatting about his new band Crystal Fairy, influences and guitars.

Morricone Youth – Mad Max

Morricone Youth’s new tribute to the classic 1979 movie, Mad Max, is a fun, kitschy ride sure to curl your lips into a big toothy grin.

Echoes Of The Past: Lighteater – Antique

If you feel like taking a break from Kyuss and Nightmares on Wax, but don’t want to hang up your smoking jacket, you may want to give these guys a try.

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