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Tristan has written for a variety of sites, including Decoder Magazine, The Wild Honey Pie, No Film School, Premium Beat, Subrewind, and Rock On Philly. He enjoys traveling to places his mother warns him about.

Articles by Tristan Kneschke

Festival Preview: Moogfest 2017

An exciting roster of over 150 participating artists are heading to the 11th edition of the electronic music festival.

Sigha – Metabolism

Metabolism’s twelve tracks showcase a schizophrenic range of styles that make for a pleasantly unpredictable and rewarding listen.

Loren Connors, Isobel Sollenberger, Steve Dalachinsky at Issue Project Room

Resisting the urge to blast listeners with distortion, feedback, or even furious playing, Loren Connors savors his long chords the way a sommelier tastes an exemplary vintage.

Movements in Modular at National Sawdust

No longer do New Yorkers need to head to fringe electronic music festivals to see someone tinkering with a modular creation – now, it’s right in our backyard.

Daniel Klag – Devotional

Devotional’s quartet of songs envelops the listener like a warm blanket in February, slowing time itself.

Rootless – Distant Cities

Rootless frontman Jeremy Hurewitz continues exploring ambient guitar work with Distant Cities, his first release on Virginia-based cassette label Otherworldly Mystics.

Floor Overhead – A Passive Bludgeoning Force

Floor Overhead’s majestic A Passive Bludgeoning Force presents deconstructed guitar work that is epic in scope yet maintains its calm, evoking the wide expanses of nature.

Vijay Iyer and Wadada Leo Smith Strip Jazz Naked

Wunderkind Vijay Iyer and trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith take the stage for a bare, abstract jazz set.

Schnellertollermeier’s Brutal Jazz Explorations

Rock comes full circle with the “brutal jazz” sound of Switzerland’s Schnellertollermeier.

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