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Under the Influence with Victor Vicart from Dvne

Dvne guitarist and vocalist Victor Vicart tells us about the 3 albums that have influenced him hugely as a musician.

Echoes and Dust Guide to Mark Lanegan

Of course this list is incorrect. The following guide will probably do more to confuse new listeners and annoy longstanding fans alike.

Dialects Tour Diary

We’ve been fans of Dialects for ages now and were lucky enough to catch them at this year’s Strangeforms Festival in Leeds where, for this observer at least, they played one of the standout sets of the weekend. That show was the last night of their first tour for a while so we got Conor from the band to give us a few thoughts from the road.

Under The Influence with Massimo Pupillo from Zu

For those unaware of Zu (and what have you been doing with yourselves, frankly?), they are signed to Mike Patton’s Ipecac Recordings and are an avant garde jazz/noise/mathcore trio who are just as comfortable in face-melting free-jazz hardcore as they are in drawn out experimental doom. It’s every type of heaviness under the sun, but with jazz saxophone solos. We asked bassist Massimo to pick 3 influential albums & unsurprisingly he came up with some fascinating choices.

Under The Influence with Gavin from Lush Purr

Lush Purr first came to our attention about 18 months ago when they featured on Song By Toad’s David Cameron’s Eton Mess compilation where Chad Murray described them as having “the muffled charm of The Beta Band with the staggered pop sensibilitie …

Supergenius – Supertired: A track by track analysis by Ed Godby

Supergenius | Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter Last month two independent labels 9000 Records (part of Consouling Sounds) and Hypertension Records joined forces and released the new album Supertired by Belgian ‘supergroup’ Supergenius. …

Under The Influence with Valerian Swing (plus track premiere)

Valerian Swing have long been one of the more interesting ‘heavy’ bands around. Ahead of the release of their new album Nights, we have an exclusive listen to brand new track ‘Five Walls’ and Francesco Giovanetti gives us a bit of insight in to what makes them tick musically.

Echoes Of The Past: The God Machine – Scenes from the Second Storey

An essential album from a band with an all-too-short career.

Under The Influence with Kerry & Stewart from Bad Owl Presents

We have long admired the work of Bad Owl Presents in Leeds; for the last few years they have been tirelessly championing the math & post rock scene putting on bands from all over the country in a series of outstanding lineups, including their annual 2 day celebration of the scene Strangeforms Festival. Here Kerry & Stewart give us an insight in to the records that inspired them to do such great work.

Under the Influence with Brett Campbell from Pallbearer

Melodic doom and heavy metal band Pallbearer recently released their new album Heartless, through the excellent Profound Lore Records, but also through Nuclear Blast Records. In a sense this is the band’s first release on a major record label. The …

Under the Influence with Becky Laverty from Pioneer Music Press and Roadburn Festival

For our next Under the Influence feature piece we asked Becky Laverty from Pioneer Music Press and publisher for Roadburn Festival about her 3 most influential releases.

Under the Influence with José Carlos Santos from Terrorizer and Roadburn

If you regularly read heavy music reviews then the name José Carlos Santos shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. He’s been writing with passion about heavy music and extreme metal for many, many years now, including various magazines and outlets, but mainly …

Under the Influence with JJ Koczan from The Obelisk

As part of our pre-Roadburn Festival coverage we decided to ask some of the people involved in the festival about the 3 records that has shaped them into the music fans they are today. In this feature we turned to JJ Koczan, who is the main man behind …

Transcendence: The Last Days of Robert John Godfrey in The Enid

Robert John Godfrey has made way for a new generation in the band he formed 43 years ago. In a feature piece containing an extended interview and gig review that takes in three key performances, we look back at his last days in the band and forward to see what the future holds for The Enid.

On The Road with Snow Burial’s First UK Tour

Touring the UK was something of a dream come true for the band, although next time we’d advise not coming in the middle of winter, so Ben from the band penned a few words on their experience.

Resounding Echoes February 2017: Punk & Hardcore

In this month’s roundup the team focus on hardcore & punk releases that nearly slipped through our net in the last few months.

Nirvana: They Would Be Kings

Mark McConville takes a moment to speculate on what might have become of Nirvana had Kurt not died.

Echoes Of The Past: Pink Floyd – Animals

The new kings have risen and the world is once again on edge. Has there ever been a more relevant time for Pink Floyd’s oft forgotten opus?

Echoes of the Past: Sauron – The Baltic Fog

Beyond the headlines surrounding the 90s black metal scene is the music itself and Sauron’s 1995 demo, ‘The Baltic Fog’, exemplifies the triumph of feel over technique that in the end is the genre’s most enduring feature.

Under the Influence with Nicolo, Klaas & Jordi from BIINDS

BIINDS blend a broad spectrum of sonic influences, including electronica, post rock and classical, in to a unique palette from which they build captivating, but slightly discomforting, sculptures of sound; imagine Massive Attack, Dead Can Dance and Godspeed taking a road trip in the dark on a soaked and lonely highway and you’ll be in the right ballpark. With all that in mind we were fascinated to know what influenced them and their music.

Under the Influence with Trevor Shelley de Brauw from Pelican

Pelican guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw will release his debut solo release ‘Uptown’ next month via The Flenser. We asked Trevor which 3 releases have influenced him as a solo ambient and experimental musician.

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