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Hades Ghosphell: Laotian metal upstarts

Hades Ghosphell are from Laos and they play black metal, which does make them stand out a scene that is overwhelmingly death metal of the more brutal kind. The band was kind enough to answer some of Guido Segers’ questions about playing metal in Laos.

The Ruts DC: Continuity and Change

“And the Overton Window is not enough for us, it’s too narrow. I don’t want to even get into that tube, y’know what I mean. Our whole politics is about everyday personal politics, how you treat people and the way you treat yourself” Tim Forster talks music, punk & politics with the legendary band.

Interview: Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes

Over the course of their musical career, Dead Sea Apes have slowly developed into a band that, whilst they are generally labelled psych, are so much more. Not the kind of band to rest on their laurels and release a “greatest hits” style album, Recondite is a parallel view of Dead Sea Apes journey so far. Echoes And Dust asked Brett Savage to talk us through the new/old album and explain where these tracks fit in to the DSA story

Paul Ledney from Profanatica

Ahead of their first EU headlining tour, Echoes & Dust spoke with Profanatica’s drum-marauder and filth-spreader Paul Ledney about video taping, the supernatural, and maniac festival fans.

Une Misère

The self-described music collective Une Misère are from Iceland and they play an aggressive, intense style of hardcore music. They will play the upcoming Roadburn Festival twice, which made Sander van den Driesche curious to find out more about this up-and-coming band.


Godsticks are blend aggressive rock riffs with progressive intent on their latest LP, Faced With Rage. We caught up with Darran Charles (vocals, guitar), Dan Nelson (bass and backing vocals) and Tom Price (drums) after a successful gig at HRH Prog to talk Pineapple Thief, Chris Cornell, influences, metal, and the joys of being signed to a high-profile label.

Here Lies Man

Every moment in this universal existence is unique, whether it feels that way or not. Don’t pass up opportunities to be part of the story.

20 Times Around The Sun with Rocket Recordings

As they celebrate their 20th orbit around the sun with a three night extravaganza at The Garage featuring more or less all of the great bands on their stellar roster, Dan caught up with Chris and John to talk about the label’s past, present and future.

Kemakil – Thrash Metal with a ‘raw punk edge’.

…a stunning set of pounding, driven, riff based politically tinged thrash that the crowd loved and that fitted in very nicely alongside the metal punk of Radioactive Rats and Meinhof.

A Village In Despair sings of the small sorrow in Sri Lanka

A Village In Despair is a band from Sri Lanka that plays a peculiar brand of black metal, inspired by the situation in their country. Guido Segers got in touch with the band to find out more.

track not found; Your New Favourite Band?

The Only Way Is Lost EP, three tracks of intense, masterful rock that is dramatic and visceral, without ever being overblown, and draws on a wide range of musical resources without ever sounding derivative.

Herb Magee aka Arvo Party

Late last year, I caught up with Herb Magee; one-time bassist of Northern Ireland’s nu-grunge outfit; LaFaro, turned award-winning bedroom electronica producer and soundscaper; Arvo Party. With Herb’s recent semi-permanent relocation to the US of A, we …

Albert Bell: Malta Doom Legend

Albert Bell from Malta plays in local bands Forsaken, Nomad Son, and Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus at the moment, while organising Malta Doom Metal Festival as well. Guido Segers caught up with Albert for a long chat to find out more.

Rudra: Singapore Vedic Metal

Rudra from Signapore play unique sounding Vedic metal music. Blending thrash, death and black metal with folk elements to create a unique sound from their small city state in Southeast Asia. Guido Segers talks to singer/bassist Kathir to find out more.

The Stone: More than 20 years of Serbian black metal pride

Guido Segers talks to singer Nefas and guitar player Kozeljnik from The Stone, who hails from Serbia and started out in 1996, in the wake of the black metal boom.

Black Moth

Andy Little had a chat with Harriet and Dom from Black Moth in which they tell all about what influenced their new classy third album ‘Anatomical Venus’.

Grimrik: The Sound of Dungeon Synth

Guido Segers caught up with Grimrik, one of the pioneers in the dungeon synth genre, to discuss the genre a bit more, thereby providing a good starting point for people new to this musicical genre.

Mike Thorpe from Vinyl Staircase

Vinyl Staircase are a psych four piece from Dorking, Surrey. They’ve been playing their lively and youthful sets all over venues around the south east of England and generating a good deal of interest. The band have a taken huge steps to developing their sound, blending influences from Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sunflower Bean and The Horrors to create a joyous rollercoaster of riffs and drum barrages topped with chilling vocals that send a spark straight into your brain fuzz.

Charismatic Megafauna

“We are a feminist band – and we try to “live feminist lives” – not just play songs “about” feminism. We hope our message is clear – our lyrics are pretty overt and we shout them as loud as we can”

Justine Jones and Sammy Urwin from Employed To Serve

Jody Dunstan spoke to Justine and Sammy from Employed To Serve before a thunderous set at ArcTanGent 2017.

Luke, Joe, Nic and Paddy from Pijn

Jody Dunstan caught up with Luke, Joe, Nic and Paddy from Pijn prior to their stunning set at ArcTanGent 2017.

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