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Phil Wilkinson from Battalions

Ahead of the release their second long player Moonburn and playing the New Blood Stage at this year’s Bloodstock, Nik Prowse posed a few questions to vocalist Phil Wilkinson from Hull heavyweights Battalions about their new music, Bloodstock and what it’s like being in a band from Hull.

Barney Greenway from Napalm Death

Steve Fallows managed to grab some time with Napalm Death vocalist Barney Greenway in Manchester a few months ago and chatted about the tour, their Glastonbury appearance and how the band had dealt with changes in the industry over time.

Richard Henshall from Haken

Happy birthday to Haken! To celebrate, Chris Sharp asked Richard Henshall some questions about such essential topics as revisiting classic albums, the future, and biscuits.

Steve Moss from The Midnight Ghost Train

The Midnight Ghost Train’s Steve Moss kindly took time out to explain how New York, tap dancing, and James Brown funk entered their creative orbit for fourth album ‘Cypress Ave.’.

Olsi Ballta of Crossbones (Albania)

In his quest to interview metal bands from the most obscure places in the world, Guido Segers caught up with Olsi Ballta of from Albanian band Crossbones to ask him some very interesting questions.

Thomas V Jäger from Monolord

“It was more important than ever to play that night (in Manchester the day after the bomb attack at the Arena) and everyone there, including us, felt that our gig that night was something special. At least I think so.” – Steve Fallows talks to Thomas from Monolord.

Soft Machine

Ahead of their headline performance at KozFest this weekend, we publish an in depth piece with one of the most revered names in jazz rock fusion.

SISTERAY: Voice of a Generation.

“…we often find ourselves sat in a pub having a moan about those middle of the road bands that people nod along to and go ‘Yeah, that’s alright, I might buy that album, that’s quite good’. And really you want to go one way or the other, you want to make people go ’Fuck, that’s brilliant, that’s amazing!’ and then it changes people’s perception of what music is currently.”

Javier Wallis from Amps For Equality – To Chechnya With Love

Amps for Equality is a non-profit collective of musicians working on charity projects to support LGBT+ and gender equality worldwide, founded in the wake of the recent wave of anti-LGBT violence in Chechnya. Ed Sprake caught up with founding member Javier Wallis to dig into the motivations behind this project and the support shown throughout the wider musical community.

Anna Murphy from Cellar Darling

Nathan Lagden caught up with Cellar Darling’s iconic singer Anna Murphy to discuss the band’s album ‘This Is The Sound’ and future plans.

Andrew Diaz of HarborLights

Tim Porter caught up with HarborLights, a post-rock band from Massachusetts, to talk about the band’s background and influences.

Interview with Necrot

Al Necro recently had a chat with Necrot about their album ‘Blood Offerings’, and he was stoked to hear that Necrot are just getting started releasing material.

Taichi Nagura of Endon, one of the world’s most extreme noise metal bands.

Somewhere between noise and extreme metal lives Japan’s Endon. Tim Porter managed to catch up with Taichi Nagura, lead singer of the band, and get his take on our many questions about the band.

Josh Graham (IIVII, A Storm of Light, Red Sparowes, Neurosis)

Tim Porter caught up with Josh Graham, former member of Red Sparowes and Neurosis, and chatted about his new IIVII album, ‘Invasion’, ambient music, and his recent work with Soundgarden and Chris Cornell.

Jussi Lehtisalo from Circle

Circle’s new album entitled ‘Terminal’ is out now on Southern Lord Recordings, so we asked long-life fan Richard Collins to send some questions over to bassist and singer Jussi Lehtisalo.

Reasons for optimism: Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema

Ahead of the band’s appearance at Be Prog! My Friend on Saturday, Gaz Cloud spoke to Vincent Cavanagh about art, brotherhood and Anathema’s tour and new album.

Maelstrom Chats RAAR Label, Desert Raves, Self-Hypnosis

French electronic producer Maelstrom specializes, as his moniker would suggest, in overt menace. Co-owner of the RAAR imprint, Maelstrom’s gritty distortion and aggressive synths are omnipresent in his latest effort, Her Empty Eyes.


We first encountered Indian post rockers Aswekeepsearching back in 2015 when they released their beautiful debut album KHWAAB. A few weeks ago they followed that up with their stunning sophomore record Zia, so we sent Adriana Ciccone to have a chat & find out a bit more about them.

M.Q. from Disorder and Morbid Skull Records, El Salvador

Like many other countries south of the states, metal music has found a place and expression in El Salvador. For some bands the story of their country can be found in their music. Disorder has been telling that story for years. Guido Segers finds out more…

Shelby Lermo from Extremity

Kara Chavez asked Shelby Lermo from death metal powerhouse Extremity a couple of quick questions.

Vlad from Necrowretch

Al Necro recently had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Vlad from French putrid death metal band Necrowretch about their plans and their latest album, ‘Satanic Slavery’.

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