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Gregor Mackintosh of Vallenfyre

It feels very different [playing with both Paradise Lost and Vallenfyre] to be honest, because I’m only the guitarist in Paradise Lost, and vocalist in Vallenfyre. It doesn’t feel the same on any level, they are both really, really different jobs so it’s easy to switch between them.

ArcTangent – Frontierer interview

An interview from Frontierer’s extremely well received set at ArcTangent festival.

Vale of Amonition: Lonely doomsters from Uganda

Guido Segers asked Victor Rosewrath from Uganda based doom metal band Vale of Amonition a bunch of interesting questions.

Jim Rushby and Steve Watson from Iron Monkey

Gavin Brown had an entertaining chat with Jim Rushby and Steve Watson to hear all about their return, the new album, the band’s early days and what Iron Monkey have planned for the future.

X-Mantra – Crying and thrashing for peace

Guido Segers caught up with Rojesh Shrestha from Nepali thrash metal band X-Mantra, who from the start were faced with realities in their home country like a civil war and censorship.

Dystopian Situationists Black Light Mutants

‘The album explores themes of gentrification, the commodification of areas, communities and culture, the death of music venues and creative spaces, the worlds of consumerism, advertising and marketing and surviving as anarcho-creatives in the modern age.’  

Andy Powell – Wishbone Ash (Photo: Thomas Lieven)

Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash

A soldier and a conqueror, Andy Powell’s been fighting to be free for nearly half a century with acclaimed blues, rock and progressive act Wishbone Ash. Hear what Andy has to say for himself.

Dissident alt-rockers Thunder On the Left! (Video Premiere)

‘It is saddening that some venues are dropping off the face of the earth due to capitalism, building flats and gentrification etc, however, there are bigger concerns we have with the world than music venues closing – music will always exist, even if it is driven underground by the dystopia’.


From inventing psytrance to introducing the world to Lemmy, Hawkwind have a colourful past. Now, with a young Haz Wheaton injecting the same energy as the aforementioned bassist, the band are riding high again. Dave, Dibs and co discuss their legacy, live performance and LSD – there’s every reason to believe Hawkwind will have just as colourful a future.

Dylan Walker from Full Of Hell

Gavin Brown caught up with Full Of Hell vocalist Dylan Walker to hear all about the new album with The Body, the recent tour, festivals, films, working with Kurt Ballou and Merzbow, touring with Max and Igor Cavalera and Immolation and more.

Jitterz: Lo-fi Feminist Punk.

‘In all seriousness, I care strongly about a lot of things. Intersectional feminism is the bee’s knees and there’s a lot to talk about and stand up for and get angry about right now’. Tim Forster talks to lo fi feminist punks Jitterz.


Before their current European tour began, we caught up with Gong prior to their headline show at at HRH Prog earlier this year to talk about winning over sceptics on the road, their new album, the greatest guitar riff of all time and Pot Head Pixies.

Interview – Future Horizons

Having just released their vast and immersive single, ‘Neptune & Triton’, the band are looking forward to a bright latter half of 2017; with a tour and a spot at ArcTanGent festival, it’s no doubt their name will garner more weight in the coming months. Sam Robinson caught up with them about their upcoming shows and the future of their distinct sound.

Nate Bergman from Lionize

Nate Bergman from Lionize informs Echoes and Dust on the influences, ideas, and making of new album ‘Nuclear Soul’ and taking on a professional wrestler.

Désirée Hanssen from Lay Bare Recordings

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Désirée Hanssen from Dutch independent record label Lay Bare Recordings to ask her about the running of her label, and the huge passion she has for the music she releases.

Ūkanose: Out of the Lithuanian Fog

Guido Segers caught up with Lithuanian folk-metallers Ūkanose at the recent Kilkim Žaibu festival to find out more about the band and their music.

Tommy Victor from Prong

Steve Fallows managed to get some time with Prong frontman Tommy Victor about the new album ‘Zero Days’, the band’s history and the other bands he has worked with during Prong’s downtime.


Over the past five years Sannhet has built a well-deserved reputation for being one of the fiercest, most electrifying instrumental bands in New York. Their third full length album, ‘So Numb’, just released on Profound Lore Records, has immense energy and intensity, but is a bit of a departure in style from previous releases. Tim Porter caught up with Sannhet and asked them all about it.

Aramaic: Voice of the Levant

The phenomenon of global metal keeps being a point of fascination for Guido Segers. He spoke to the members of Aramaic from the United Arab Emirates.

Reaping Death: A conversation with Tomas Lindberg from The Lurking Fear

Wordsmith, frontman, artist of the fevered soul, Tomas ‘Tompa’ Lindberg is a household name and a seemingly everlasting force to be reckoned with in the world of extreme music. Robin Ono got in touch with Tompa to find out more.

Music, Language and Chaos: A conversation with Ilja Lappin from The Hirsch Effekt

The Hirsch Effekt’s Ilja Lappin sits down with Robin Ono to talk about the talent, the language and the chaos behind the music.

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