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The White Skull Death Snakes Of Death!

“Again there are influences, people like Biafra, Rollins early on in Black Flag, Albini. A bit of Iggy. Nick Cave even, with The Birthday Party”.

Possessor: Beer, Sabbath and Horror

Guido Segers caught up with “horror film freaks who love to play crazy rock’n’roll” Possessor from London.

Dani Filth from Cradle Of Filth

Ironically, at that point there were so many different bands – not everyone had gone down the path of sounding like Darkthrone, looking like badgers and posing in the woods with sticks. It was already quite expansive back then. Anyone that was of any note sounded completely different.

“Songs about social injustice and the struggle for a better future” – An interview with Healer of Bastards

“We can’t change the world from our keyboard, or through Facebook, so we have to get out there and work together. Along the way, we should all challenge our own thinking, and the thinking of others. Music has a part to play in this but, ultimately, it’s all about communication and reflection.”

Avarayr: Armenian metal from Iran

Almost every Armenian metalhead loves at least one song from System of a Down. For me, they are idols and I think the same goes for many other Armenians.

Torsten Kinsella of God Is An Astronaut

Ahead of their set at ArcTanGent 2017, I sat down with God Is An Astronaut to chat to them about their 15 years strong career as one of the core bands in the post rock scene. It made for a fascinating and incredibly insightful conversation. E&D: My …

Ginger Wildheart and Scott Lee Andrews of Mutation

For the most part, people are fucking rubbish; but there are a lot of good ones, and a lot of the good ones you will meet are because of music. A love of music introduces you to a better type of person than a love of football or cars.

Hanal Pixan: The Mayan legacy in Belize

Guido Segers caught up with Halach Uinik Chuc from Belizean metal band Hanal Pixan, who focus on their Maya history.

Aleksey Evdokimov, author of The Doom Metal Lexicanum

Guido Segers caught up with Aleksey Evdokimov from Saint Petersburg in Russia, who wrote the latest bible on doom metal, called The Doom Metal Lexicanum.

Conor Anderson from Dialects

Dialects’s hugely accomplished Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other establishes them as huge talents at the very forefront of the UK’s Math / Post Rock scene. With the album out last week, we caught up with Conor for a quick chat.

AMakARtUS: A Roar from Mauritius

Guido Segers got in touch with the metal band AMakARtUS and asked them some questions about the music scene in Mauritius. As far as AMakARtUS is concerned, the scene may have humble beginnings. That doesn’t mean they’re not hungry for more.

This Patch Of Sky

This Patch of Sky don’t require introductions. They’ve been around for a while and are one of the most respected bands in the Post Rock spectrum. They don’t like to play it by the book and this time around they pushed their boundaries and released one of the best instrumental albums of 2017. We had a chance to ask Kit Day, guitarist of the band, about the new album, the past, the present and the future.

Pedro from Implore

Steve Fallows managed to grab a few words with Implore guitarist Pedro to find out a bit more about the band’s first album for Century Media Records and how this multinational band came together.

Ash Scott and Dave Archer of Abhorrent Decimation

Steve Fallows managed to grab a few words with Ash Scott and Dave Archer from Abhorrent Decimation to ask about the new album, the new deal with Prosthetic Records and what this means for the future of the band.

Joey Z from Life Of Agony

When Life Of Agony played in the UK recently, Steve Fallows caught up with guitarist Joey Z to ask him about their new record, their comeback and on being outsiders despite having connections to many different scenes.

Perturbator – Birthing the New Model

We caught up with the young artist and decided to inquire about the projects’ current direction and its possible link with the “synthwave-frenzy” he has, in spite of himself, been caught up in.

Interview with Martin Teff from Vessels

“The reception for the album has been really good so far, it feels like we’ve got a bit of a buzz, a lot of interest.” We chat to Martin Teff from Vessels

Lynchpin: Bringing Caricore to the World

Guido Segers caught up with Caribbean metal band LYNCHPiN, to chat about playing metal in Trinidad and Tobago, but also the hardships of going abroad and the lack of words to describe their Wacken experience.

Twelve Boar

Adam, Dave, and Tommy of Twelve Boar rather kindly obliged to explain further life in a band in the 21st century, thoughts on whether there is a future for rock music, top tips for quenching thirsts, and, of course, the making of their latest offering ‘No Forgiveness’.

Low Estate

We managed to catch up with the members of Low Estate, a supergroup made up of Brendan Tobin (Red Sparowes, Made Out of Babies), Jimmy Hubbard, Geoff Garlock (This is Year One), and Chris Todd (Sannhet).

Truth Equals Treason: “(Punk) cannot afford to stagnate. Our message should not be diluted…”

“A song like ‘Fuck off back to Eton’ can be seen as flippant and knee-jerk, but it comes from a serious place – sometimes I’m adding the politics to the personal experience sometimes vice versa. I really haven’t been putting pen to paper very long, but I’ve been ranting all my life so it comes naturally – hahaha!”

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