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We first encountered Indian post rockers Aswekeepsearching back in 2015 when they released their beautiful debut album KHWAAB. A few weeks ago they followed that up with their stunning sophomore record Zia, so we sent Adriana Ciccone to have a chat & find out a bit more about them.

M.Q. from Disorder and Morbid Skull Records, El Salvador

Like many other countries south of the states, metal music has found a place and expression in El Salvador. For some bands the story of their country can be found in their music. Disorder has been telling that story for years. Guido Segers finds out more…

Shelby Lermo from Extremity

Kara Chavez asked Shelby Lermo from death metal powerhouse Extremity a couple of quick questions.

Vlad from Necrowretch

Al Necro recently had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Vlad from French putrid death metal band Necrowretch about their plans and their latest album, ‘Satanic Slavery’.

Brit Turner from Blackberry Smoke

Blackberry Smoke’s drummer Brit Turner chats with Andy Little about the band’s roll the sleeves up work ethic and their steady rise to play London’s Roundhouse on their recent full UK tour.

Joe Principe from Rise Against

Nick Dunn sat down with Rise Against bassist Joe Principe ahead of their intimate gig at The Garage in Highbury to discuss politics, punk, and their upcoming album ‘Wolves’.

Wrekmeister Harmonies

Tim Porter caught up with JR from Wrekmesiter Harmonies before a show in Toronto where they talked about how he came his musical style, his collaborations and his new album in progress.

Be Prog! My Friend 2017 Preview: Juan Antonio Munoz

As Be Prog! My Friend gets closer, Gaz Cloud grills Juan Antonio Munoz, the festival founder and organiser, on what makes his event so special.

Human Future

Experimental hardcore band Human Future are back with their new album ‘Flat Earth Blues’, which is their first release since 2015’s ‘Spectrum’. Sander van den Driesche caught up with the band to find out more.

Be Prog! My Friend 2017 Preview: Leprous

Einar Solberg’s Leprous will be playing a special “request show” at this year’s Be Prog! My Friend. Gaz Cloud asked him some questions.

Only Echoes Remain

Only Echoes Remain grabbed our attention last year when we caught their second ever gig and were impressed at how fully formed they sounded for such an early stage in their journey. Now they are on the cusp of releasing their debut album, The Exigent, so we sat down with Arran, Craig and Simon for a chat about their whistle-stop year.

Alex Citrone from Sigil

Kara Chavez caught up with Alex Citrone from Austin based death metal band Sigil, who have just released their first full length release ‘Kingdom of the Grave’.

Be Prog! My Friend 2017 Preview: Jardín de la Croix

Ahead of their appearance at Be Prog! My Friend in Barcelona this summer, Gaz Cloud caught up with Jardín de la Croix bassist Nacho Hernandez.

Joey Z of Life of Agony

Steve Fallows asked Life Of Agony guitarist Joey Z some question to find out more about the band’s comeback.

Mondkopf (Vivere video premiere)

Accompanying this new record, Mondkopf has granted us the honour of featuring his latest video for the album, a phantasmagorical visual journey into the surreal, unsettling tone of the record.

A chat with Astronoid

Astronoid plays black metal themed blast beats married to vocals that almost gush positivity came at a time when a bit of optimistic vibe was exactly what a lot of people needed. Tim Porter caught up with the band to find out more.

Bucovina from Romania

Romania has a pretty intense and intriguing metal scene. Many interesting sounds come from that neck of the woods, and one of them is the band named Bucovina. A thriving folk metal project with a distinct flavor to it. Guido Segers speaks to Florin “Crivăţ” Ţibu to find out more.

Be Prog! My Friend 2017 Preview: Caligula’s Horse

Gaz Cloud talks to Jim Grey from Caligula’s Horse about his plans for the band’s upcoming appearance at Be Prog! My Friend.

Vicki Dawson from Ex People

London’s Ex People are about to release their debut album ‘Bird’ through New Heavy Sounds. Andy Little had a chat with Vicki Dawson about the full details including riot grrrl history, minimalist aesthetics, and Smashing Pumpkins adoration.

Ewa Zablocka On All Things Radioactive Rats!

“I think that ‘the system’ or ‘people in power’ or other things that we are singing about over time just changed names or methods of brainwashing people but it is still same old shit. They can not trick us. We have our eyes wide open all the time.” Tim Forster chats to Ewa Zablocka from Radioactive Rats.

Teatro Fiasco : Scott Holiday from Rival Sons

Having released their fifth record last year, Rival Sons has been touring relentlessly and is currently travelling across North America for the American branch of a very special headlining tour: the Teatro Fiasco tour. We recently caught up with guitarist Scott Holiday to talk about the band’s recent activities as well as his personal knack for sharp outfits and great records.

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