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underhand – Roman Numeral One

Post/instrumental Rock tends to get a bad rap in some places these day, and often doesn’t help itself with the expected repetition of quiet/loud dynamics that used to engage us so actively in the first place. Underhand will bring that all back to you like it was only yesterday you broke out that Young Team album (it’s definitely better than Mogwai’s release this year), and I for one can’t wait to see where they go next.

Ghold – Stoic

Gholds latest record – the first release from London records store Crypt of the Wizard – sees them take up residence in a Leeds Chapel. It’s not short on bluster and low end carnage – and surprisingly effective ambient noise – but struggles for definition.

Soft Issues – Soft Issues

A seamless continuation of relentless anguish and unwavering fury.

Lüüp – Canticles of the Holy Scythe

You’re in the realm of Crowley, then, but does the music itself sustain the sort of excess that the occult seems to call for? The short answer is no.

Machinefabriek – Becoming

On a collaborative score for a dance performance Dutch sound artist Machinefabriek delivers an absorbing piece that can stand on it’s own.

Norilsk – Le Passage des Glaciers

We can understand certain works of music as engaging in a relationship with nature, a relationship that is both mimetic and complementary. ‘Le Passage des Glaciers’ is one of those pieces.

Interstelar – Resin

‘Resin’ by Interstelar holds no pretences of being an original sounding album. Instead, Interstelar focus on tight musicianship, well-structured songs, and a hefty dose of muscle bulking up their songs. The opening track comes on strong, like Orange Goblin if they fired Ben Ward and got Maynard James Keenan to replace him.

Godsticks – Faced With Rage

‘Faced With Rage’ is comfortably Godsticks’ most uncompromising, confident and ambitious record. Powerful, involving and emotionally satisfying, it builds on the established Godsticks sound and pushes it in new and intriguing directions.

Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream – Requiem

French post-rockers Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream try to walk the thin line between shadow and light trying not to stay too long on either side.

Gold Key – Hello Phantom

Gold Key apply the rigors of hard core and rock to their songs whilst still packing in more incident, flash, daring and emotion than most bands manage in an album.

Collapse Under The Empire – The Fallen Ones

The result is of course that quintessential post-rock experience, one that builds up with a fevered ferocity and urgency, whilst featuring qualities that make it seem a little more modern and up-dated.

Thor & Friends – The Subversive Nature Of Kindness

I was quite unprepared for just how great a record ‘The Subversive Nature of Kindness’ is from the very first listen, gorgeous repeating patterns of glowing, chiming, tuned percussion form the bedrock of their sound around which other elements come and go. I’ve played it a lot over the past week or so, it only grows richer and more absorbing with repeat plays and still it often seems too short and goes straight back on again.

The Telescopes – Stone Tape

An album of extreme simplicity, on first listen, which presents sounds and instruments combined together into simple layers. But it opens up on repeat listens, drawing us into a soundworld that is refined and elegant, but with a tense heart beneath, like all the best psych.

Bantha Rider – Bantha Rider

If you like Star Wars and stoner music, you’ll get a kick out of this. There’s definitely some potential to push the boat out further going forward and it should be interesting to see what path Bantha Rider take now.

Thy Serpent’s Cult – Supremacy of Chaos

It’s a shame this band split up, but again, sometimes you have to know when to hang it up. For Thy Serpent’s Cult, they really went out in a full brutal assault, which is how any band should go out.

Forgotten in The Woods Again – Debut EP

This is a promising debut and a somewhat rare example of interesting post-rock in 2017. Its dark, brooding atmosphere contrasted with its kind-hearted centre makes for a pleasantly dichotomous listening experience.

SECT – No Cure For Death

SECT have delivered an absolutely brutal tour de force in modern hardcore; a focused ball of barely contained rage that delivers a huge amount of caustic vitriol in its short runtime.

Daxma – The Head Which Becomes the Skull

The gently-developing melodies of Godspeed You! Black Emperor rub shoulders with the heaviness of SubRosa or Year of No Light with surprising ease in this album. For what this album is, is a love letter to post-rock in the language of metal.

Benoît Pioulard – Slow Spark, Soft Spoke

A less-is-more approach gives the album a very dreamy ethereal quality as we slowly get pulled into the waves of ambient drones

IDYLLS – The Barn

‘The Barn’ is raw and alert; well worth multiple listens to wrap your head around its intricacies.

Nervous Twitch – I Won’t Hide

Third album from Leeds band Nervous Twitch is a a brilliant blast through modern life in a lo-fi surf-infused garage punk style

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