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Hinterlandt – Ode to Doubt

Perhaps some of you missed Hinterlandt’s Ode to Doubt when it was released on Art as Catharsis back in January? Well, now’s your time to make amends, and make friends, with this sublimely gorgeous recording.

Saltland – A Common Truth

It all culminates into a very meditative yet intense album experience, one that offers reflection on the current state of affairs, whilst also expressing a deep seated rage and anger over it all.

Unearthly Trance – Stalking the Ghost

Overall, this new offering sounds like the record the band wanted to make in all aspects; the success of which shows through the blistering and ethereal doom tracks crafted for optimal impact.

Black Anvil – As Was

An eclectic daring record that maybe doesn’t quite take them onto the next level just yet, but instead sets them on a different path, where if they develop this sound over the next couple of albums, you could see them producing something very special.

Those Who Dream By Day – EP 2017

Those Who Dream By Day feel much like a band ready to really showcase what they’re all about, letting their debut EP simply act as a wonderful precursor for what is to come.

The Cosmic Dead – Psych Is Dead

For all their claims of psych being dead, and on this basis one thinks they may actually know that’s not true, The Cosmic Dead have created one of the most psychedelic albums yet.

Arc of Ascent – Realms of the Metaphysical

Arc of Ascent certainly aren’t the first to put out a whole album of massive riffs accompanied by a very good vocalist singing lyrics with an eastern looking viewpoint. And they won’t be the last. But the fact they did – and did it very well – should be more than enough reason to buy this album. Do it and give Hamilton a claim to fame.

Lonely Robot – The Big Dream

If technical ability and deep concepts are your cup of tea then you’ll find much to enjoy here. For those who like their prog to have a bit of warmth and humanity you may struggle to attach yourself to it.

Venenum – Trance of Death

Venenum is special, not because someone says they sound familiar to an old overrated favorite, but because they do things veritably their way, and listening to this masterpiece tells the truth of the matter, and so should you listen and formulate an opinion independent of someone else’s.

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain

This is loud, blunt, grease infected dirty, and smelly, which is a case of job done for fans of frenzied grinning, heart pumping, sock it to you hard rock.

Vampire – With Primeval Force

I am happy to express my approval of Vampire sticking with the style that got their demo sold-out in a short amount of time. It proves that if passion were to trump stubbornness and a band sticks to its guns even as their prior albums don’t make leaps and bounds, good things can happen.

Big Hogg – Gargoyles

Maybe a bit too different for the usual prog fan, its hard to see where Big Hogg will find their niche, but by doing what they want to do, they will still find an audience. With the ability to cross over from breezy indie pop to prog they may have actually hit upon a wonderful formula.

Various Artists – Brown Acid – The Fourth Trip

Riding Easy Records continue to unearth treasures from Rock’s deeply buried underground past in Volume 4 of the excellent Brown Acid series.

When Icarus Falls – Resilience

Post-metal with shoegaze, When Icarus Lives perform a substantial remodelling of their own sound.

Flowers Must Die – Kompost (Review & Exclusive Video Premiere)

Flowers Must Die live up to their reputation with this fine first full-length offering for Record Recordings. A crucial component in Rocket’s already landmark year of releases.

Part Chimp – IV

Part Chimp bring the noise on their new album but they also bring the tunes.

Full of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

While not the band’s best, ‘Trumpeting Ecstasy’ is a record that will surely quench the thirst of any heavy music fan in search for some dark, punishing grindcore.

Monster Movie – Keep the Voices Distant

This album has hit the spot during a month of rain, fog, cold, and sparse instances of warmth and sun. There isn’t a bad song on the album, they are all individually interesting for different and unique reasons.

Boss Hog – Brood X

Boss Hog return after 17 years in the wilderness to make a determined stand in these darker infected uncertain times.

John Richardson – The Fold

A debut album of this calibre is rare and when they come along they become something to treasure. To get an album as fully formed as ‘The Fold’ both musically and emotionally is like striking water in a desert.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Modern Ruin

It seems that recently (and definitely on this album) Frank Carter has looked to find that mixture between aggression and melody to produce an album that should take The Rattlesnakes onto the next level.

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