Under the Influence with Virginia Monti from Psychedelic Witchcraft

We asked Virginia Monti from Italy’s occult doom band Psychedelic Witchcraft about the 3 records that have influenced her the most as a musician and song writer.

Under The Influence with Guy Andrews

Guy Andrews is a London based musician known for creating dark, atmospheric music by combining an array of influences from post-rock, techno and electronica to create expansive cinematic masterpieces. His new album released in September, Tåke, is a bro …

Under the Influence with Scott Crouse from SECT

SECT guitarist Scott Crouse selects 3 records which have influenced him the most as a musician. Check out their new album ‘No Cure For Death’, which is released on November 24th through Southern Lord.

Under the Influence with William Robertson from Disposable

We asked William Robertson from Edinburgh based thrash metal band Disposable about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most.

Under the Influence with Paul Kenney from Kroh

We asked Paul Kenney from Birmingham doomsters Kroh about the 3 albums that have influenced him the most as a guitarist and musician. Read on for a very interesting and mixed selection…

Echoes of the Past: GNOD – Ingnodwetrust

This isn’t about punishment, it’s nourishment for the head and heart, and Gnod have had plenty to feed us since.

Under The Influence with Reformat

Ever wondered what Vangelis jamming with 65daysofstatic would sound like? Yeah, nor had we until this track from Reformat dropped in our inbox but we know now and it’s absolutely fantastic. Our interest sufficiently piqued, we asked Luke Pajak from the band to pick the three records that had the greatest influence on their musical direction.

Echoes Of The Past: Monoliths and (One) Dimension: Enslaved’s Yggdrasill demo

This album is not just interesting as an historical document or a great example of lo-fi black metal, but it can and should also be appreciated as a philosophical statement – even if Enslaved did not intend it as such.

Under The Influence With Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain are a fresh garage rock trio rising from Leeds featuring a handful of Leeds rockers including lead Lins Wilson of Grammatics, Tom Hudson of Pulled Apart By Horses, and Nestor Matthews of Menace Beach.  They have just released their …

Echoes Of The Past: Hookworms – The Hum

When The Hum ends, with the triumphant ‘Retreat’, you realise that you have been taken on a brilliant journey, one which could have become bogged down in overproduced haze, or mired in sludgy retro-fetishist dad-rock tropes. The genius of The Hum lies in Hookworms ability to walk this tightrope in order to produce some of the most thrilling and nuanced guitar music any band in the UK has recorded to tape.

Under The Influence with Candice Gordon

Candice Gordon caught our attention with her recently released album, Garden Of Beasts. A rich collection of darkly gothic songs sounding something like Siouxsie Sioux singing with The Bad Seeds. Our interest firmly piqued, we asked Candice to pic …

Under The Influence with Balmorhea

“In the writing and demoing process for Clear Language, we listened to a wide array of different genres and eras of music separately throughout our days of thinking and dreaming about what we wanted this album to be. Our last full-length (2012’s Strang …

Under the Influence with Biblical

Canada’s rocking riffers Biblical recently released their new album The City That Never Sleeps through the excellent Tee Pee Records.The City That Never Sleeps is a great mix of riffs, rock ‘n’ roll with added layers of psychedelia.  We …

Under the Influence with Nathan Sadd from Shrapnel

We asked lead guitarist Nathan Sadd from Norwich based thrashers Shrapnel to pick three releases which have influenced him as an extreme metal guitarist.

Under The Influence with UpCDownC

We’ve been massive fans of UpCDownC here at E&D for over a decade and have followed their transformation from post rock legends to progressive doom behemoth with great interest. Their awesome new album, I, Awake, is released on September 22nd. …

Under The Influence with Big | Brave

Ahead of the release of new album Ardor, we asked Robin, Mathieu & Louis from Big Brave to pick the three albums that inspired them to make such densely fascinating music.


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