Under the Influence with Agrimonia

Agrimonia, from Gothenburg in Sweden, recently released their 4th album Awaken though Southern Lord. Agrimonia’s sound has always been dense, immersive, ambitious even, and on Awaken, Agrimonia have evolved their prog-infused form o …

Under The Influence with Death & The Penguin

Death & The Penguin have been tearing up the London post/math scene for a while now so we were quite surprised to find they hadn’t yet released an album. That all changes later this year but ahead of that they are releasing the second single to be …

Under The Influence with Cloud

Long Island’s Cloud (aka Tyler Taormina and friends) makes music filled with quiet optimism and greying nostalgia, mixing the wide-eyed naïveté of Jonathan Richman with the cold-weather pop of Yo La Tengo and the fractured soundscapes of Galaxie 500. O …

Hell Is For Heroes – 15 Years of The Neon Handshake

Cast your mind back if you can. It’s 2003 . . . People are talking. A new subculture of British Post-Hardcore seems to be evolving and right at the forefront, brandishing their passionately crushing chorus lines are the mighty, London-based five-piece, Hell Is For Heroes.

Under the Influence with Marko Neuman from Dark Buddha Rising

For 10 years, Finnish band Dark Buddha Rising has convened in the now-famous Wastement; set below their home city of Tampere, Finland; to roil in the sounds of the underground, to meet dark spirits, to breathe in time with rhythmic pulses sent from the …

Under the Influence with Tom Templar from Green Lung

Green Lung combine crushing heaviness with soaring hooks, summoning up the proto-metal spectres of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, the psychedelic heft of heavy prog and the anthemic gloom of Danzig and Type O Negative; all the while dragging those influe …

Under the Influence with Adam Holt from Hair of the Dog

Edinburgh based heavy rockers Hair of the Dog are coming back to Roadburn Festival again this year, playing at the Cul de Sac, which is the ideal venue for their brand of catchy and sweaty rock, which is full of melodies, hooks and riffs. In 2016 …

Under the Influence with The Atlas Moth

Last Friday February 9th, The Atlas Moth released their new album Coma Noir, which is their first release for LA indie metal, Prosthetic Records, it’s the first to feature Mike Miczek (Broken Hope) on drums and their longtime friend Sanf …

Under the Influence with Fathers

Fathers is Oscar Ross (vocals), Eddie Maestas and Zach Amster (guitar), Mhyk Monroe (bass), and Ryan DeWitt (drums). Drawing from influences such as Whores and ISIS, the Denver-based band’s debut LP puts forth loud music that serves as a call to arms a …

Under The Influence with VLMV

Post rock ‘super duo’ VLMV (formerly ALMA, still pronounced ALMA), Pete Lambrou of Monster Build Mean Robots & Nice Weather For Airstrikes Records and Ciaran Morahan from Codes In The Clouds, have just announced the release of their secon …

Earth 2: Special Quarter Century Version

Twenty-five years ago, on the 3rd of February 1993, Seattle-based band Earth released their first full-length record, ‘Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version’. The ultra-extreme yet weirdly ambient, intensely embodied but marginal and fragmented subgenre of drone metal was born.

Under The Influence with FORT

FORT are an achingly new post rock band from South Wales who recently sent us their debut EP. As it turns out, it’s great. Coming in at the chunkier, mathier end of the post rock spectrum it lays down a marker announcing that they are a band to keep an eye on. Given this impressive introduction, we wanted to know what made them tick so got the band to pick the three records that have most influenced them.

Under The Influence with Chrissie Caulfield

With CSMA having just released a new album, possibly their most accessible (although I use that word advisedly!) yet we thought it would be a great time to get Chrissie to talk about some of the albums that have influenced her.

Under the Influence with Ghold

Ghold recently released their new album ‘Stoic’ and they are now officially a trio. So enough reason to ask the band about the records that have influenced them the most.

Under The Influence with Peter Broderick

In the wake of the release of Peter Broderick’s new album, looking back at 10 years of work, we thought it would be a good time to probe his influences.

Under the Influence with Rekti from Mooner

Although they’re relatively unknown outside of their native Indonesia, Mooner are something of a supergroup on home soil. The band feature members of The Slave, The SIGIT, Sigmun, and Sarasvati – all well established acts, commanding huge aud …


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