Under The Influence with Kerry & Stewart from Bad Owl Presents

We have long admired the work of Bad Owl Presents in Leeds; for the last few years they have been tirelessly championing the math & post rock scene putting on bands from all over the country in a series of outstanding lineups, including their annual 2 day celebration of the scene Strangeforms Festival. Here Kerry & Stewart give us an insight in to the records that inspired them to do such great work.

Echoes Of The Past: Nihiling – nihiling

It’s a combination of the band’s best ideas on the path of finding their own sound – and therefore the listener must appreciate this album more as being the journey rather than the destination.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt24: Phil Mann from Silent Front

I recently found out Silent Front had been going 20 fucking years, that’s mental! Everyone was in a band in school but imagine you never broke up and just kept doing it, what an amazing story! Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Phil had to say about it all.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt23: Stewart McLachlan of BRITNEY

If BRITNEY were a London based band they’d play every Cosmic Carnage, that is all.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt22: Chantal Brown from Vodun

Vodun have had a fucking insane year! From a sold out record launch at the Lexington, to Bloodstock to a poster in Kerrang! Their busy and jaw dropping schedule doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, they are playing fucking Hellfest next year, AMAZING! In fact, it took ages to get this interview back from Chantal as Vodun were touring the country with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. Here’s here thoughts on 2016 from the road.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt21: Sammy Powell from The Beauty Witch

Sammy puts on INSANE looking nights in Manchester at a night called The Beauty Witch! He puts on similar shit to us but bigger stuff too and we’re well fucking jel! I met Sammy at Red Sun Festival this year and again at CHUNK in Leeds, He’s awesome and here’s what he has to say for himself.

Under The Influence with Stuart from Rail Cables

At the beginning of last year, Stuart first got in touch to let us know about a project he was just starting which was going to be “a new series of compilation records featuring new music inspired by train travel”. Since them they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their releases with the latest installment out in January and featuring Steven Hodson (Oceansize / Kong) & Gareth JS Thomas (USA Nails). We thought it would be a good time to ask Stu to pick his three records that set him off down this path.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt20: Andy Clydsdale from We Wild Blood

We Wild Blood played the first Cosmic Carnage of the year at the Unicorn back in January. Guitarist/vocalist Andy went fucking crazy throughout and even jumped off the pool table during Death Pedals. I really like Andy, here’s his ramblins’.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt19: Kyle McDons of Zaum

I met Kyle just over a year ago when when Zaum played Cosmic Carnage at the Windmill, it was trippy as fuck. They released the album Eidolon this year which is very powerful indeed, listen to it if you haven’t yet, think Om meets Master Musicians of Bukkake. This Canadian two piece will one day achieve world domination I swear, so here’s what Kyle has to say about it all.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt18: Julia Owen from Casual Nun and Grave Lines

I met Julia a few years ago when she was drumming in Throne, she’s awesome. These days, she’s tub thumbing in two very different acts, Casual Nun and Grave Lines who have both smashed Cosmic Carnage this year. Here’s what’s going on inside her thinker.

Echoes Of The Past: Matt Elliott – The Mess We Made

Ben Cunnigham takes a retrospective look at Third Eye Foundation’s Matt Elliot’s first solo album from 2003.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt17: Barney Wakefield of Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter came and played our SMASH IT OUT all dayer at the Windmill back in August. They were so awesome I picked up Barney the bassist and threw him, we liked them so much we invited them back for headline show at the Unicorn in November which was also fucking awesome. Here’s Barney’s thoughts.

Under The Influence with Desert Mountain Tribe

Desert Mountain Tribe have had a phenomenal 2016. The release of their debut album, Either That Or The Moon, established them at the forefront of the new wave of psych; a position bolstered by a series of incendiary live performances. We asked the guys to pick three records that set them on their musical journey.

Echoes Of The Past: Owen – Ghost Town

Owen’s (Mike Kinsella) Ghost Town album turned five last month. Simone Del Deo takes a retrospective look at this hidden gem of an album.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt16: Taz Corana-Brown of Drore and Undersmile

We met Taz two years ago when Undersmile played one of our gigs with Slomatics at the Windmill. We were shocked to see Undersmile broke up this year but this was cushioned by just how awesome Taz and Olly’s new band Drore are, FUCKING HEAVY! Here’s what she had to say for herself on all things 2016.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt15: Russ Smith of Terminal Cheesecake and Melting Hand

We love Russ Smith at Cosmic Carnage, he lives in rural France and only comes over to the UK to fucking rock! He’s the axe man in both Terminal Cheesecake and Melting Hand, who’ve both had busy year releasing albums and touring so I thought it would be good to check in with the man himself and find out what the fuck is going on.


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