Botanist, Bast, Sürya

WHEN: 27/09/2017 at 12:00 AM

WHERE: Windmill Brixton, London

PRICE: £10

PROMOTER: Sonic Grave


Sonic Grave is proud to present:

“Botanist is an avant-garde musical project that is the world’s first band to use distorted hammered dulcimers as its primary instrumentation. The experimental music further delves into esoterica with a harmonium and a 12-string bass guitar, propelled by unusual drumming that often features highly atypical time signatures and rhythm shifts….

“… While Botanist’s story is negative and misanthropic on the surface, it is an allegory of warning to a world out of balance: respect the natural world and all living things, or else the natural world will wipe you out and move on. The element of hope lies in the possibility of a changing of worldview, or at the very least the ideal that the world will right itself eventually, whether that includes humanity or not.
“There’s nothing else out there like Botanist, and with IV, he’s truly hitting his singular, sinister stride.”” — Noisey

“Spectral Black Metal for Triffids.” — Sonic Grave

The answer to the question: “What would happen in a meeting between Neurosis, Mayhem and about 10 gallons of Buckfast?” The London power trio are busy working on new music but we’ve managed to lure them out of their writing-based hermitage for one night and we’re hugely excited to bring them to the Windmill for this special gig.

London based quartet and purveyors of primal atmospheric doom/sludge. Imagine A Storm Of Light lumbering across the icy tundra listening to some particularly angry Bill Hicks tapes and you’re somewhere close. Get down early, because trust us you do not want to miss this lot.

+ SONIC GRAVE DJs ’til late


DOOR: 8pm
TICKETS: £10 adv (see above link) / More on the door

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