A chat with Astronoid

Astronoid plays black metal themed blast beats married to vocals that almost gush positivity came at a time when a bit of optimistic vibe was exactly what a lot of people needed. Tim Porter caught up with the band to find out more.

Spike Slawson from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

When Me First and the Gimme Gimmes recently came over to the UK to tour to promote their upcoming best of compilation, Steve Fallows managed to grab a few words with singer Spike Slawson about the tour, some of his other projects and how they deal with permission to cover the songs they have recorded over the past twenty years.

Dan Briggs from Nova Collective

Dan Briggs took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Liam Savage about his musical influences, the creative process, and the general theme behind his new band Nova Collective’s debut album ‘The Further Side’.

Harmasar: Metal from Moldova

Guido Segers caught up with Moldova based folk/pagan metal band Harmasar. “The main message we are trying to present is the one of ‘knowing your roots’, remembering the great and heroic deeds of your ancestors, as well as the idea of conservation of the traditional values.”

Shela from Riding Pânico

It was a long 4 years since Homem Elefante but Riding Pânico are back with a few changes to their line-up. We caught up with Shela, their keyboard player, regarding their most recent effort entitled Rabo de Cavalo, what inspires the band, how they …

Thom Wasluck from Planning for Burial

Tim Porter had a chance to speak with Thom Wasluck before a show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn NY. It was one of the first shows of a tour to support his most recent album, ‘Below the House’, which was released in early March.

Madame So; War on Conformity

As an artist, I do not feel the need to brand myself as a feminist or a punk or a riot grrrl, really: I make music for people to listen to if they are so inclined-full stop, without the need to justify myself for it.

Bill Fisher of Church of the Cosmic Skull

Already a devotee, Chris Ball caught up with Bill Fisher of Nottingham’s cult-come-classic rock exponents, Church of the Cosmic Skull, to find out more about their origins, the upcoming tour and, of course, just what the ‘Cosmic Rainbow’ told them..

Hounds of Bayanay

Guido Segers caught up with Hounds of Bayanay, who are a folk metal band from Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic, an autonomous region of Russia.

IDLES: Social Realism – Commentary as Resistance.

‘As a kid you’re often baffled by hatred, by why people are angry at foreigners, then you start to understand how the media, the Tory government are intertwined and into fear mongering, putting poor people in a corner blaming them for things’.

Jade Bergeron from Flying Hórses

Since the release of Flying Horses’ debut album, Tölt, Jade Bergeron hasn’t stopped. A few weeks ago, the video for the title track, ‘Tölt’, was premiered via The FADER, and a second video for the track ‘Attic’ released on March 23rd. Jade has also been busy working on her sophomore album and will be releasing a single very soon. Adriana Ciccone had the opportunity to ask Jade a few questions about the videos, the new single and the new album.

Interview with Terraformer

Terraformer is a three-piece post-metal band from Belgium that makes punishingly heavy instrumental music. The band just released their third album Mineral on Dunk! records. If you like bands like Pelican, Year of No Light, or ISIS, you should give Terraformer a listen. I was able to catch up with the band by email and ask them a few questions.

The Raven Age

Steve Fallows caught up with The Raven Age, to chat about the band’s recent tour with Anthrax and their new album ‘Darkness Will Rise’ and more.

Stefanie from Brutus

Jody Dunstan asked Stefanie from Belgium’s Brutus some questions about their new album ‘Burst’ and more.

Meinhof, ‘a mix of punk, metal and a mountain slide’!

“Well, I guess, the reality bites you each and every single day, so how could you possibly  be emotionless, unconcerned and bored?!”

My Sleeping Karma

Ahead of their next European tour Andy Little caught up with my Sleeping Karma to chat about their new live album ‘Mela Ananda’.



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