Israel, Palestine, Peace and Performance: David Broza and Muhammad Mughrabi

Ahead of a rare London performance on 27th April, Gaz Cloud talked music and coexistence with Isreali singer-songwriter David Broza, and Palestinian collaborator, refugee and hip-hop artist Muhammad Mughrabi.

Meinhof, ‘a mix of punk, metal and a mountain slide’!

“Well, I guess, the reality bites you each and every single day, so how could you possibly  be emotionless, unconcerned and bored?!”

My Sleeping Karma

Ahead of their next European tour Andy Little caught up with my Sleeping Karma to chat about their new live album ‘Mela Ananda’.

Chip King from The Body

Tim Porter caught up with Chip King from The Body to find out about the band’s recent US tour with Alcest, the band’s sound and what they have planned for the near future.

HRH Prog V Preview: Here’s Jonni!

With less than a month to go until HRH’s Prog V kicks off in North Wales, we present the first of our pre-event features: an interview with Chic Festivals charismatic and outspoken CEO, Jonni Davis.

Drew Lundberg from Often the Thinker

We discovered Often The Thinker a few weeks ago when Drew got in touch regarding their latest album Better Part of Vice and frankly we were completely blown away by the densely layered, jazz infused post rock; so we grabbed some time with Drew to find out a bit more about the band.

Marcella and Pierre from Black Mirrors

Newly signed to Napalm Records Belgium’s Black Mirrors tells Andy Little all about flexible decision making and future ambitions.

Kill Bitches To Dress Foxes; Life, Politics, Punk

To start with DIY and punk go together, at least from our point of view

Molodost from Lebanon

Molodost is a one man black metal band from Lebanon with songs that are vehicles for poetry, expressions of nature and deal with anti-Zionism. Guido Segers asked the man behind the band some questions to find out more.

Stéphane from Endless Floods

With their latest release ‘II’ Monarch offshoot Endless Floods have released an album almost as bleak as the times in which it finds itself in. We caught up with the Bordeaux doom-mongers to ask a few questions.

The Legendary Buzz Osborne from the Melvins and Crystal Fairy

Tim Porter caught up with the legendary Buzz Osborne who was very kind to spend an hour chatting about his new band Crystal Fairy, influences and guitars.

Duke Garwood

“As a musicianeer and, I suppose, some kind of entertainer, it is my job to provide nourishment for the soul. And so, I dig deep, deep in the well, to find the sweetest waters, and bring them up uncorrupted.” Si Forster talks to Duke Garwood about his new album & the current state of the world.

Andy Fosberry from Sunset Graves

Andy Fosberry is the man behind the eclectic electronic project Sunset Graves and is gearing up for his latest release. The album is titled Dead City Hymnal and will be released through 3rd & Debut records on February 24th. It sees Andy channel various feelings and experiences from a recent tour with Tom Ragsdale (worriedaboutsatan) into his most focused and stirring work yet. Listen to the track “Flatter To Deceive” from it below and read what Andy has to say on the record, upcoming tour with worriedaboutsatan and more.

Bart Desmet from BARST

Dave Mace caught up with Bart Desmet from Belgium’s BARST to talk about how their album ‘The Western Lands’ came together, influences such as Sonic Youth and more.

Andy Marshall from Saor

Guido Segers asked Andy Marshall, the man behind Scottish atmospheric folk black metal band Saor some questions about the new album ‘Guardians’, influences and what it’s like to be Scottish.

Sanford Parker

When Mirrors For Psychic Warfare played in Antwerp recently our writer Dave Mace caught up with Sanford Parker to talk about making music, playing live, touring and much more.



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