Kill Bitches To Dress Foxes; Life, Politics, Punk

To start with DIY and punk go together, at least from our point of view


Alex Wilson from sleepmakeswaves

Gilbert Potts chats with Australian post-rock bassist Alex Wilson of sleepmakeswaves as he talks moral philosophy, touring, music as a form of communication, and hangs shit on Spielberg’s interpretation of Jurassic Park.


Dale Barclay from And Yet It Moves

“Fuck the old stuff. We write together. We put no boundaries on our creativity. We refuse to compromise” – Dale Barclay.


Andrew Fenwick from Eggs in Aspic

Chad Murray caught up with Eggs in Aspic label owner Andrew Fenwick. “It’s brilliantly fucked up and I can’t wait to release it. There simply isn’t another band around who sound anything like them.”


Warren Daly of Invisible Agent Records

“The more collaboration the better: sharing and learning from the processes and techniques of other artists using different mediums is critical.”



One of the more interesting and exciting releases this year coming under the banner of psychedelic music has been the collaboration between Kandodo (Simon Price of The Heads) and John McBain (Monster Magnet). To find out more our resident psychonaut Martyn Coppack catches up with Simon and John to find out the inside story.



American doom metal band Khemmis have helped save 2016 with the release of a second, spectacular album in the form of ‘Hunted’. Nick Dunn fired over some questions to the band to find out more.


Chris Brooks from Lionize

Steve Fallows caught up with Chris Brooks from Lionize. “We decided that in this modern era of music it is no longer viable for us to spend so much money to go to studios and make records with engineers and producers. So we decided that we had to learn to record our albums ourselves.”


Chuck Mosley

Steve Fallows caught up with Chuck Mosley when he was in the UK recently. “If we are all going to die I want to do it in the rolling hills and green countryside of the UK. I don’t want to see Cleveland as I’m getting blown up.”


Joe and Nick from Pijn

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Joe and Nick from Holy Roar Records latest singing Pijn.


César Godoy from Temaukel

Guido Segers asks César Godoy from Chilean black metal band Temaukel some questions about their music, inspiration and Chilean culture and history like the wonderful culture and tradition of the Selk’nam people.



BLACKASH are saviours of musical hedonistic escapism incorporate rave, psych, space rock, in a smoking debut EP. Andy Little finds out more.


Devin Townsend

Peter Meinertzhagen had a very interesting chat with Devin Townsend about classical music and creating music. “In a similar way to how I’m happy to see how my process evolves, I’m happy to let the music evolve in the ways it’s meant to, because ultimately the people that support what I do generally do it because it’s coming from a place of some sort of authenticity.”


Lachlan Dale, Cameron Macdonald, and Evan McGregor from Hashshashin

Stuart Benjamin asked the guys behind Australian band Hashshashin some questions. “If I had to describe it to someone I would say something like “heavy progressive rock with psychedelic, experimental, drone and Middle Eastern/Oriental influences.”


Andy Price from Conjurer

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Conjurer bassist Andy Price at Damnation Festival to chat about all things Conjurer, their upcoming album, spiders and of course, biscuits.


Reece Prain and Mariam Benjemaa from Diploid

Diploid’s “Is God Up There?” is a full bellowed Edvard Munch style scream at a world which, in 2016, rapidly seems to be going down the toilet. Stuart Benjamin caught up with Reece and Mariam from the band for a brief Q&A about mass murder, serial killers, death, and Prince.



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