Shelby Lermo from Extremity

Kara Chavez asked Shelby Lermo from death metal powerhouse Extremity a couple of quick questions.

Vicki Dawson from Ex People

London’s Ex People are about to release their debut album ‘Bird’ through New Heavy Sounds. Andy Little had a chat with Vicki Dawson about the full details including riot grrrl history, minimalist aesthetics, and Smashing Pumpkins adoration.

Ewa Zablocka On All Things Radioactive Rats!

“I think that ‘the system’ or ‘people in power’ or other things that we are singing about over time just changed names or methods of brainwashing people but it is still same old shit. They can not trick us. We have our eyes wide open all the time.” Tim Forster chats to Ewa Zablocka from Radioactive Rats.

Teatro Fiasco : Scott Holiday from Rival Sons

Having released their fifth record last year, Rival Sons has been touring relentlessly and is currently travelling across North America for the American branch of a very special headlining tour: the Teatro Fiasco tour. We recently caught up with guitarist Scott Holiday to talk about the band’s recent activities as well as his personal knack for sharp outfits and great records.

Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil

“…but I think from the point of view of the band it is still about ensuring that the way in which the music is created and what’s happening in the performance space is almost like the hallowed ground that you have to occupy first.” Tim Forster talks to Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil.

Damon Johnson from Black Star Riders

During their recent UK tour Steve Fallows managed to catch up with Black Star Riders guitarist Damon Johnson to talk about the album, evolution of the band and how the band have finally got their own identity.

Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica

Last month, Finnish power metal stalwarts Sonata Arctica were in the UK for their ‘Ninth Hour’ tour. Nathan Lagden caught up with their enigmatic frontman Tony Kakko.

Mindframe: ‘punk is definitely still a positive force’

‘My view is that punk is still alive and well, you just need to find it. From a woman’s perspective, like I said, I think it is one of the better environments to play in.’

Sami Yli-Sirniö from Kreator

During their recent UK run in support of their new album ‘Gods of Violence’, Steve Fallows had some time to sit down and chat to Sami Yli-Sirniö of Kreator to ask about the new album and the thrash scene.

Greg Spawton from Big Big Train

Echoes and Dust’s very own Big Big Train fanatic Martyn Coppack caught up with Big Big Train founding member Greg Spawton to find out all about what makes the band tick. Pour yourself a glass of ale and join us for this epic journey aboard the train…

Field Recordings: an interview with Matt Stevens

With the imminent release of their new live album Field Recordings, Martyn Coppack talks to The Fierce And The Dead guitarist and genial prog gentleman Matt Stevens. Much like the proverbial prog rock song with its ever changing moods, the conversation veered towards Slayer, “weird music”, gigging and Marxist biscuits…

Israel, Palestine, Peace and Performance: David Broza and Muhammad Mughrabi

Ahead of a rare London performance on 27th April, Gaz Cloud talked music and coexistence with Isreali singer-songwriter David Broza, and Palestinian collaborator, refugee and hip-hop artist Muhammad Mughrabi.

Talking Yerkish: Chad Murray Gets Primatial With Part Chimp

Chad Murray caught up with Part Chimp, who released their most excellent album ‘IV’ through Rock Action Records recently. “What the fuck IS going to happen??! We just don’t know”.

Andreas Kisser from Sepultura

Steve Fallows managed to chat to guitarist Andreas Kisser from Brazilian legends Sepultura about how the band have survived through difficult times, how they rebuilt and the future as they look towards a new chapter in the bands life.

Spike Slawson from Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

When Me First and the Gimme Gimmes recently came over to the UK to tour to promote their upcoming best of compilation, Steve Fallows managed to grab a few words with singer Spike Slawson about the tour, some of his other projects and how they deal with permission to cover the songs they have recorded over the past twenty years.

Dan Briggs from Nova Collective

Dan Briggs took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Liam Savage about his musical influences, the creative process, and the general theme behind his new band Nova Collective’s debut album ‘The Further Side’.



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