Fritz from Attan

Andy Price chats with bassist and all-round lovely chap Fritz from Norwegian blackened hardcore mentalists Attan on their first UK tour to find out about the joys of tour bus boredom, working with Shelsmusic and the future of heavy music in an increasingly digital age.



BLACKASH are saviours of musical hedonistic escapism incorporate rave, psych, space rock, in a smoking debut EP. Andy Little finds out more.


Devin Townsend

Peter Meinertzhagen had a very interesting chat with Devin Townsend about classical music and creating music. “In a similar way to how I’m happy to see how my process evolves, I’m happy to let the music evolve in the ways it’s meant to, because ultimately the people that support what I do generally do it because it’s coming from a place of some sort of authenticity.”


Lachlan Dale, Cameron Macdonald, and Evan McGregor from Hashshashin

Stuart Benjamin asked the guys behind Australian band Hashshashin some questions. “If I had to describe it to someone I would say something like “heavy progressive rock with psychedelic, experimental, drone and Middle Eastern/Oriental influences.”


Andy Price from Conjurer

Sander van den Driesche caught up with Conjurer bassist Andy Price at Damnation Festival to chat about all things Conjurer, their upcoming album, spiders and of course, biscuits.


Reece Prain and Mariam Benjemaa from Diploid

Diploid’s “Is God Up There?” is a full bellowed Edvard Munch style scream at a world which, in 2016, rapidly seems to be going down the toilet. Stuart Benjamin caught up with Reece and Mariam from the band for a brief Q&A about mass murder, serial killers, death, and Prince.


Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas

Sander van den Driesche sat down with Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas when they played at Damnation Festival in Leeds recently.


Antonio Sanna from Downfall of Nur

Sardinia is a place with a strange history and a past shrouded in mists. Downfall of Nur illuminates that past with amazingly atmospheric black metal, that will take you away like a fever dream. Guido Segers caught up with Antonio Sanna from this Argentinian based black metal project and asked him about Sardinian influences, and Downfall of Nur’s music in general.


Gavin & Tom from worriedaboutsatan

It’s been a couple of years since we last spoke to worriedaboutsatan so as they prepare to release their third album Phil Johnston caught up with them for a chat.


Echoes Of The Future: Parc Hotel

New cinematic soundscape musical painters from Russia to explore


Steve Von Till from Neurosis

Gavin Brown caught up with Steve Von Till to talk about the new album, working with the legendary Steve Albini, the bands punk heritage, their early days in the Bay Area and what the future holds for Neurosis amongst other topics in a very informative chat.



Gavin Brown caught up with Okkultokrati guitarist Pal Bredup and drummer Lars Dalen before their show at Mama Roux’s in Birmingham to hear all about how the tour is going, the new album and its creation, punk as an influence and what they are currently listening to on the road.


Bec Jevons from IDestroy

IDestroy’s debut EP ‘Vanity Loves Me’ has been described as ‘true punk EP’, ‘raw and powerful’, with Punktastic calling the title track a ‘short, sharp slab of garage-rock glory’. Tim Foster chats to Bec Jevons to find out more.


Valentin Mayamsin from Montfaucon

As part of his ongoing quest to find metal bands in all the obscure places on Planet Earth, Guido Segers asked Valentin Mayamsin from Uzbekistan-based metal band Montfaucon some questions.


Interview: David and Adrian from Foundations Festival, Manchester

This November sees the first installment of a new electronic music festival, Foundations: Manchester; a collaboration between two local record labels Valentine Records and AnalogueTrash aiming to bring something fresh and interesting to the scene. We caught up with David (from Valentine) and Adrian (from AnalogueTrash) to find out more. By Dan Salter


Interview: TJ Cowgill from King Dude

Much taken with King Dude’s latest album ‘Sex’, our own Chris Ball was delighted to accept the chance to interview King Dude main man TJ Cowgill.



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