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Cattle Decapitation, Hell On Earth Tour – Cardiff

I rolled up my trouser legs and got stuck in. Under an hour later I am soaked through in the chemical sweat of a dozen half-naked Welsh lads, and no it’s not a chemsex party, it’s Cattle Decapitation smashdown time.

Prong in Manchester

Prong may have been at their commercial peak over twenty years ago, but creatively and performance wise, they are arguably at that point now.

Brontide Farewell Show – London

Michael Nash watched Brontide go out for the very last time. . .

Dropkick Murphys in Liverpool

. . . it was the second half of the show that got everyone going. A medley of tracks from debut album Do Or Die, followed by a special version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (again linked famously with Liverpool) that nearly brought the house down.

Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas, Dälek, and Whores. – Toronto

An evening of otherworldly voyages, preceded by some experimental hip hop and loud, obscene noise rock.

Be Prog! My Friend – 2017

The curation at Be Prog! My Friend is as unique as the setting – in 2015 Be Prog! famously married Meshuggah and Camel. This year, challenging music is placed at the heart of a left-of-centre progressive bill. . .

Lionize, Limb, Gevaudan – Our Black Heart, Camden, London

Eclectic riffs galore by Lionize, Limb, and Gevaudan, at Camden’s Our Black Heart.

Riverside – Marble Factory, Bristol

Riverside set out to curate a collective musical and emotional catharsis. They achieve this emphatically.

Green Man Festival 2017 – Preview

Green Man is certainly not a Glastonbury or a Bestival in turns of scope and sheer size, yet I am hoping that it can provide the intimacy of a smaller festival alongside the atmosphere of a larger one.

Exhumed in Liverpool

…an enthusiastic crowd… seeing some of the finest proponents of each of their respective scenes.

Napalm Death in Manchester

Really difficult to pick highlights as it was all so full on and they (Napalm Death) are almost peerless amongst their contemporaries as a live band.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Sunday

Tech Fest’s Sunday brought The Pink Panther, a silent wall of death, and whatever the fuck a xylosynth is. . .

Neurosis, Converge and Amenra – Toronto

Whether we’re talking about Neurosis, Converge or Amenra, time bears no mark on legacies destined to remain unmatched.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Saturday

Tech Fest’s Saturday featured the battle of the century, waltzing, and far too many amazing bands bidding farewell.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Friday

Tech Fest’s Friday brought Rick Sanchez impressions, sweltering heat, and several death metal titans…

Eindhoven Psych Lab Festival

Radar Men from the Moon… carry on with the ferocious assault in a completely new and immense set with an intensity I’ve rarely witnessed. In fact, the first three songs were so new, none of them have been given a title as they were only finished a couple of weeks previously!



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