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Gig Preview: Punk 4 The Homeless – 4th Nov. Gringos, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich

Tim Forster previews next month’s Punk 4 The Homeless benefit gig in Norwich.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Sunday

Tech Fest’s Sunday brought The Pink Panther, a silent wall of death, and whatever the fuck a xylosynth is. . .

Neurosis, Converge and Amenra – Toronto

Whether we’re talking about Neurosis, Converge or Amenra, time bears no mark on legacies destined to remain unmatched.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Saturday

Tech Fest’s Saturday featured the battle of the century, waltzing, and far too many amazing bands bidding farewell.

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Friday

Tech Fest’s Friday brought Rick Sanchez impressions, sweltering heat, and several death metal titans…

Eindhoven Psych Lab Festival

Radar Men from the Moon… carry on with the ferocious assault in a completely new and immense set with an intensity I’ve rarely witnessed. In fact, the first three songs were so new, none of them have been given a title as they were only finished a couple of weeks previously!

UK Tech Fest 2017 – Thursday

Tech Fest’s Thursday brought inflatables, a shit-ton of rain, and some amazing music…

While She Sleeps – Liverpool

A quality show, from a band that seem to be getting a big push and definitely have the tunes to back up that build in momentum.

FULL OF HELL – Exchange, Bristol

Here was a savage Tuesday night line-up, not stuck in a genre rut but with a unifying viciousness and intent to explore that crisis point. Much as Old Market and the Bristol crowd is practically home, I spent a fair bit of the night feeling out of my comfort zone, as a listener and as a writer, but then what comfort is there in the face of such a range of alienating horror? Harry Holmes reports back from seeing Full Of Hell in Bristol.

The Godfathers – Lexington, London, 24th June 2017

The Godfathers still sound as sharp as they look, and sure as hell are still a kick ass rock ‘n’ roll band.

Evan Caminiti at Issue Project Room

During Caminiti’s live performance, Toxic City Music takes physical form, a cloud enveloping the audience as its menace roams the space.

Raw Power 2017

Raw Power 2017 was incredible. I’ve never been to a festival before where every band was good, where everything ran to a good schedule, and where everything seemed to go smoothly. The line-up was flawless and the delivery was sublime. Thank you, Baba Yaga’s Hut.

Jackson Browne – Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

…‘Before The Deluge’, which he said he sang once with Christy Moore in Liverpool, which was an amazing moment for him, and would ave been better had he not forgotten the words to his part that night. He then promised to do his best to remember it this time.

Supersonic Festival 2017

Gavin Brown reports back from this year’s Supersonic Festival, which had a mighty impressive line up.

Light a pagan fire at Kilkim Žaibu 2017: Saturday Review

Kilkim Žaibu has been a great experience, with a lot of fun and even something of a spiritual side to it. The weather was dreadful and by the time the last notes die away a lot of people are already sleeping a deep sleep.

Crowbar, Boss Keloid and Barbarian Hermit – Academy 3, Manchester

Crowbar manage to take it up another couple of levels with an hour long sludge master class.



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