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Mayhem, Dragged Into Sunlight and Inconcessus Lex Lucis – Academy 2, Manchester

At any other show…(a lack of interaction between band and audience)…would almost certainly be a bad thing, but in this setting it just felt right. The bands played their sets and we were there to witness it, rather than take part.

Dance To The Beat Of The Living Dead: Raw Power Festival Preview

Raw Power is on it’s way; if you’re missing it you better have a fucking good reason, otherwise you’ll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon and for the rest of your life.

Festival Review: Roadburn Festival 2017

Our metal editor Sander van den Driesche went on his second Roadburn Festival pilgrimage. And he completely fell in love with the festival this time.

Desertfest London Preview: Sunday

Desertfest 2017 – Sunday’s line-up preview.

Desertfest London Preview: Saturday

The second day of this year’s edition features excellent line ups at each of the four venues in Camden, and indeed it was the first day of the weekend to sell out, which considering the strength of the rest of the bill is some going.

Dream Theater at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham

For the committed fan, this tour is a treat indeed; for those who want to find out what kind of alchemy has made ‘Images And Words’ – and the band that made it – so iconic and influential, it is nothing less than a masterclass in modern progressive rock.

Desertfest London Preview: Friday

Yep, whatever your preference, commercial or cult, there is something for everyone on Friday at Desertfest, Camden.

Haken, The Algorithm, Next to None – Manchester Academy 3

Haken are turning ten, and going on tour across Europe to celebrate, promising to use the tour to celebrate their first two albums – Aquarius and Visions. Next to None and The Algorithm are along for the ride. Chris Sharp went along to review.

Stick In The Wheel: Gnod Live at Electrowerkz

“Gnod are the most essential band in Britain; it shows in everything they do but, I assure you, watching them live is an impeccable and unpredictable experience”.

Primordial, Fen, Crom Dubh – Camden Underworld

The ability to provoke such a wide array of emotions is where Primordial excel; simultaneously bleak and cathartic, mournful yet uplifting.

Anthrax: Among The Living tour with The Raven Age at Manchester Academy

They do what they do without any gimmicks, give their all onstage and get a great response in return.

Preview : Dunk!Festival 2017

Dunk is back for its thirteenth year with one of its most incredible line-ups yet, with a mix of some of the most famous and respected bands in the industry performing side by side with a collection of the world’s most promising up and coming post-rock bands.

Skindred, Raging Speedhorn and Death Blooms – O2 Academy, Liverpool

Steve Fallows saw Skindred, Raging Speedhorn and Death Blooms at the O2 Academy in Liverpool. “If they could somehow manage to capture this atmosphere on record, they would be one of the biggest bands in the country.”

Helmet and Local H – Manchester Academy 3

Steve Fallows went to the Manchester Academy 3 to see Helmet with tour support Local H. “It wasn’t until maybe six or seven songs into the set that Page addressed the crowd, and then he started educating the crowd with a few facts about the band members hometowns.”

Telepathy, Zaum and Kylver – The Cluny, Newcastle

Bruce Cowie drove from Edinburgh to Newcastle to see Telepathy with support from Zaum and Kylver. “…pummelling post-metal crunch with gentler post-rock interludes, like a mash-up of Pelican and Explosions in the Sky, but better than both”

Me and That Man

We’re here to take a communion of sorts with Nergal and celebrate his album ‘Songs of Love and Death’, a side project with Anglo-Polish bluesman John Porter. Together, they are Me and That Man. At least, I think they are, because the shadowy figures taking the stage through a fog, to the ominous accompaniment of the harmonica theme from ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, might just as easily be the Spaghetti Western Orchestra.



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