Flicker Rate – Reframe

The second EP from seventeen year-old axe prodigy, Flicker Rate sees an evolution in style, sound and substance, whilst offering a brief glimpse into future offerings.

Valborg – Endstrand

Short sharp songs with a pounding drum beat and barked German vocals, we’re definitely tending towards the PVC realm more than denim or even leather.

Junius – Eternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Light

This is by far their most diverse and best effort to this day. The experience of listening to ‘Eternal Rituals For The Accretion Of Light’ has made me realize how I always took this band for granted. As much as I loved their past albums – especially ‘Martyrdom’ – I never realized how special they are for me until this point.

Yardss – Singlesss (with exclusive track stream)

Yardsss is definitely on to something here with the mixes of styles, of synthetic and organic, old and new, and I suspect we’ll see more from the band over time.

Pallbearer – Heartless

More than a doom band, Pallbearer are a rock group with a singular songwriting talent.

Blown Out – Superior Venus

Newcastle’s Blown Out release yet another album of intense, coruscating instrumental heavy psych for the ever impressive Riot Season Records. At this point they’re pretty much counter-cultural national treasures – with none of the fustiness that might imply.

Anjou – Epithymía

The album pulsates and radiates its ever burgeoning details.

PINS – Bad Thing EP

These gals create an interesting and somewhat challenging melange of styles. The synth heavy space rock of “Bad Thing” is like new wave in outer space, with rumbling bass and what sounds like most of the gals singing in unison on the chorus. Guitars are fuzzed out, and the synth parts swirl like foo fighters.

The Moonlandingz – Interplanetary Class Classics

This album is about as weird as it gets, but if you don’t enjoy it then you’re even fucking weirder. Instant classic.

Riding Pânico – Rabo de Cavalo

Rabo de Cavalo is short and sweet and it’s also not your conventional and run of the mill Post Rock album. Riding Pânico are one of the most special bands for me for many different reasons. I would encourage everyone to check them out. Don’t only listen to this album, also check out their back catalog. Trust me, it will be worth your time.

Appalaches – Cycles

Cycles is a slightly darker and heavier EP compared to the band’s debut album, Mòn, but not so far removed that you don’t know you are listening to the genius that is Appalaches.

Moon Gravity – Antarctica

Neilyk shows us the many different sides to the landscape, from the beautiful vast open tundras to the incredibly intimidating and powerful weather that shakes one to their core.

Pontiak – Dialectic Of Ignorance

Pontiak are at that point where they can pretty much do what they like and their fans will follow. They may be settling into a future of craft ales but it certainly hasn’t harmed their music making. In fact, you could even say it has revitalised them

Stupid Cosmonaut – Algol

It’s like drinking liquid nectar; intoxicating in its spaced-out catharsis and ominous in the most fascinating manner.

Common Eider, King Eider – Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside

This album is a soundscape of emotions, perfectly executed in the most eloquent way.

Often the Thinker – Better Part of Vice

Sometimes, one can potentially forget just how varied the post-rock genre can be at times, and it takes a band like Often The Thinker to come along and show that there are other ways of doing it!


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