Hy Maya – The Mysticism of Sound and Cosmic Language

The previously unissued recordings on The Mysticism of Sound and Cosmic Language is both mystical and cosmic.

Perihelion – Örvény

On a level with Sólstafir’s ‘Ótta’ in terms of its depth, sophistication and near brilliance. Definitely high on my list of albums of 2017. Get a copy and immerse yourself.

Haq123 – Flippin’ Haq

A power trio raised on Sabbath and fuelled by Haribo they’re so young two thirds of the band are still at primary school. Yeah, it is a kid’s band, but don’t be too quick to dismiss them, they play a kind of charming punk doom that’s worth a listen.

The Faceless – In Becoming A Ghost

‘In Becoming A Ghost’ is an ambitious and restless album and clearly, the product of many hours in the studio spent honing their sound. It’s precise without ever appearing clinical and challenging, but also highly listenable.

Dialects – Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other

Infectious hooks and shredding guitars abound on Dialects’ debut album. The band have succeeded in building on the ideas from their first EP to produce an exciting, nuanced full-length.

Postvorta – Carmentis

‘Carmentis’ is the second chapter of the cycle of birth trilogy by Italian post-metal/sludge band Postvorta. From the theme, to the music and track titles, everything about the first two chapters of this trilogy is heavy and beautifully complicated.

Eluvium – Shuffle Drones

A 23-segment musical kaleidoscope that can be played in any order and as many segments at a time produces a seamless ambient flow.

The Erkonauts – I Shall Forgive

If you need an album to match an excess of caffeine but one that doesn’t lumber you with irritability or melancholy, you are in luck.

Blues Pills – Lady In Gold: Live In Paris

An almost perfect showcase for their existing catalogue: either perfect consolation for missing out on seeing the band on tour or the perfect souvenir.

underhand – Roman Numeral One

Post/instrumental Rock tends to get a bad rap in some places these day, and often doesn’t help itself with the expected repetition of quiet/loud dynamics that used to engage us so actively in the first place. Underhand will bring that all back to you like it was only yesterday you broke out that Young Team album (it’s definitely better than Mogwai’s release this year), and I for one can’t wait to see where they go next.

Ghold – Stoic

Gholds latest record – the first release from London records store Crypt of the Wizard – sees them take up residence in a Leeds Chapel. It’s not short on bluster and low end carnage – and surprisingly effective ambient noise – but struggles for definition.

Soft Issues – Soft Issues

A seamless continuation of relentless anguish and unwavering fury.

Lüüp – Canticles of the Holy Scythe

You’re in the realm of Crowley, then, but does the music itself sustain the sort of excess that the occult seems to call for? The short answer is no.

Machinefabriek – Becoming

On a collaborative score for a dance performance Dutch sound artist Machinefabriek delivers an absorbing piece that can stand on it’s own.

Norilsk – Le Passage des Glaciers

We can understand certain works of music as engaging in a relationship with nature, a relationship that is both mimetic and complementary. ‘Le Passage des Glaciers’ is one of those pieces.

Interstelar – Resin

‘Resin’ by Interstelar holds no pretences of being an original sounding album. Instead, Interstelar focus on tight musicianship, well-structured songs, and a hefty dose of muscle bulking up their songs. The opening track comes on strong, like Orange Goblin if they fired Ben Ward and got Maynard James Keenan to replace him.



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