BØG – Jim

Recorded earlier this year, ‘Jim’ is the band’s third a fucking mean one to boot. The release is a near 40 minutes of desolate unwavering desolation.

Gravetemple – Impassable Fears

Is ‘Impassable Fears’ an easy listen? No it isn’t and it couldn’t be, now could it? Gravetemple offers a cathartic rite of passage, a transcendental experience created by three fantastic musicians.

Lusterlit – A List of Equipment

Lusterlit’s new EP is something of a joy for both lovers of music and books, and well-worth seeking out if you haven’t found it already. Simply gorgeous.

Rise Against – Wolves

Rumours of the demise of punk are much exaggerated, as Chicago’s Rise Against show us on their latest album.

Arcadea – Arcadea

This is Mastodon on acid, with the psych setting turned up to 11: the soundtrack for a trip to the edge of the galaxy.

Alpha Male Tea Party – Health

Those generous Alpha Male Tea Party fans must be simmering in their own ecstasy oozings right about now. Their various donations have covered the costs of the band’s retreat to the Oxfordshire countryside to unload about 3 years’ worth of brain juice in the form of 44 minutes of enough skull-rattling, aural debauchery to drown out the noise of Theresa May’s musket laying waste to a skulk of foxes outside the studio window.

Harsh Toke / Joy / Sacri Monti – Burnout!

Triple split release where each band takes two sides of a 7”, this is a showcase of classic Californian heavy acid blues.

Skunk – Doubleblind

Get those battle jackets back out and let’s return to a more innocent time, of only for the forty or so minutes of this album. Bow down before the riff and relive your inner metal star.

Dying Fetus – Wrong One to Fuck With

2017 may be death metal’s resurgence in a hugely popular time for genre-bending acts. The first album to consider whether this notion is accurate, is Dying Fetus’ Wrong One to Fuck With. Give technical brutal death metal a chance.

Only Echoes Remain – The Exigent

For their debut, Only Echoes Remain dipped into the vast heritage of the genre and paid beautiful homage to the post rock classics.

Birushanah / Monarch – Split

From an intriguing yet disjointed first half to a solid but safe second half, the Birushanah / Monarch split record is a modest release best reserved for the avid fans of both bands.

Ride – Weather Diaries

Vibrant, intoxicating and fun, it is the album which should have followed ‘Going Blank Again’.

Gov’t Mule – Revolution Come, Revolution Go

‘Revolution Come. Revolution Go’ sits well amongst their other releases, and may actually be their most fulfilling studio release so far.

Direwolves – The Great Year

Direwolves have crafted a passionate, emotive ride through 19 minutes of angst, delivering a pitch perfect blend of angry d-beat style hardcore, emotional post-hardcore and soaring Deftones style alt-metal tones that pulls the listener in from the first chord to the until the final sound fades.

Rancid – Trouble Maker

You know what you get with Rancid. But it is good to hear that after 24 years and nine albums, they have regained their mojo.

Com Truise – Iteration

The overall effort is more streamlined and consistent, fully of wonderfully elegant soundscapes and poignant rhythmic intricacy. It’s his best work since ‘In Decay’.


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