Flat Worms – Flat Worms

Flat Worms debut sneeringly thrills with buzzsaw guitars, overspilling feedback, and Indie punk energetic overdrive.

Mooner – Tabiat

A stoner-leaning album that even those listeners who don’t fancy stoner rock might give a listen, particularly if psych is their name of the game.

All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal

The band have defined themselves beyond the unrelenting heaviness to reveal they can deliver in full force, but also flush out tracks with brilliantly executed misery. This may be my favourite album of theirs thus far, which only leaves the band’s future to eagerly wait for.

Ore – Belatedly

Ore, aka Sam Underwood, is a ‘tuba doom’ project originally planned as a gift for his dying father. Given that genre label you might expect a mildly diverting novelty, and with that back story you may be wary of an unbearably heavy listen. Neither factor begins to tell the story contained within ‘Belatedly’.

Shark Move – Ghede Chokra’s

With all the signs of the times it carries, ‘Ghede Chokra’s’ (The Great Session in Hindi), turns out to be exactly that – the great session from the past that needs to be heard.

Les Lekin – Died With Fear

It’s a very good album, from a band who look to have really found themselves. Great music for weird times.

AXIS – Shift

AXIS have delivered an excellent record that harks back to the metallic hardcore heroes of the late 90s such as Botch, but moves the sound forward in unexpected ways.. Punishing, rhythmic and accomplished.

Ghastly Sound – The Bottom

If they are this good on only their second EP – nine songs into their career, to put it another way – imagine what they could do if they were given time and money to spend on an entire album. Outstanding.

Zong – Zong

As it stands, they have a rather special debut album on their hands which should take pride of place within any discerning psych collection.

Stillwave – Sell Another Soul

Sometimes you get a band that not only nail down their influences perfectly, but even go as far to create a work of art that feels familiar to those influences, whilst having an incredible edge that greatly sets it apart and allows it to stand on its own merit.

Godflesh – Post Self

There is a lot there for people who do get it and have maybe spent a long time immersing themselves in Justin Broadrick’s work, but there is something here for people that maybe haven’t connected as much with them before.

Helicon – Helicon

Helicon obviously took their sweet time to come up with their debut album, but they obviously did it for a good reason – they came up with an excellent one. Fans of true psychedelia should rejoice.

Æsthetica – Sonorous Æon

I don’t want to write this album off based on a single song, but, in this instance, it’s hard. I can’t see a way of making this forgivable. I don’t want to hear ‘Todesfuge’ being read by Celan over lilting guitars. I don’t want to hear it after a solo. I don’t want to hear it transition into a guitar-driven piece. None of that makes any sense to me.

Pale | Seas – Stargazing for Beginners

Indie-rock sweetness — the result of two years of seclusion — offers up bleak reality wrapped in a rich blanket of enveloping guitar.

Mangoo – The Heat

This album follows you. The songs stick with you for days … Mangoo’s music is pleasantly stuck in your head, with rousing choruses that could brighten up even the most miserable of days.

Jungfrau – Glass Neck

Jungfrau are a band to watch and with music which is equal parts disturbing, ethereal, beautiful and psychedelic, you will want to stay the distance with them.


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