Iro Haarla Electric Ensemble – What Will We Leave Behind – Images from Planet Earth

Like a Jackson Pollock painting brought to life, the Ensemble work together as a team to bring the album to life…an achieving release from the Svart Records label. It has a strong sense of mystery, terror, and rising from the ashes. Iro has come a long way from the classical and jazz world.




Skinflint: dark tales from Botswana

Skinflint are a metal band from Botswana. Guido Segers asked vocalist and guitarist Giuseppe “Juice” Sbrana some questions to find out more about the band.

Amon Tobin

Sam Loynes from Voices

Photo by Jonathan Lorange

Interview: Musk Ox

Ben Hutcherson from Khemmis


Echoes of the Past: Mandoki Soulmates – Living in the Gap + Hungarian Pictures

Mandoki Soulmates’ music may not be everyone’s cup of tea per se, but this double album is quite an adventure. . .

 (((O))) LIVE

Live Stream Review: Enslaved – The Other Worldly Big Band Experience

This is clearly Enslaved’s most involved stream to date. The studio looks enormous, with huge projections stretching up high above the band, unfurling beautiful kaleidoscopics. . . it’s Enslaved goes art-house in the best possible way.

 (((O))) PHOTOS



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