In the interests of balance I should probably declare that Andy Falkous, along with Sim Ralph of Fashoda Crisis, is one of my two favourite writers of lyrics currently making music and no one alive spits vitriol quite like him. The two previous Future Of The Left records are amongst the most played in my imponderously vast music collection so with this in mind I came to listen to the ‘Polymers Are Forver’ EP with a heady mix of excitement and trepidation.

It is with no little relief that I can declare that the six tracks on show here are excellent additions to their cannon. The feel of barely contained rage that permeates FotL’s previous work, and makes it so vital, is still very much on show here.

On initial listen, and baring in mind many of FotL’s previous tunes only revealed themselves after many goes, the two standout tracks appear to be ‘Apologies To Emily Pankhurst’; clocking in at less than two minutes long it’s an absolute banger of a tune, and ‘Dry Hate’ which was written with some audible aid from Kong bass mangler Steven Hodson. This tune is absolutely filthy, even by FotL standards, with a dense, claustrophobic feel and the screamed refrain of ‘think of us as ready made, Jesus loves a renegade’. Fucking lovely.

That’s not say that anything else on offer here is substandard, far from it; ‘Destroywhitchurch’ and ‘Polymers Are Forever’ are also rather splendid, it’s just that those two kick the listener right in the crotch and demand your attention.

We live in a time of a moribund music industry with X Fucktor clones everywhere; what Future Of The Left continue to offer is a rallying call to those of us that want something better, something more from their music, something that stirs the soul and makes you think. All power to them.

Released November 14 2011 on Xtra Mile Recordings

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Posted by Dan

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