You know that haze you get on a long straight road in the heat; all lovely and shimmering? Yes? Well, that’s what Peter Wyeth sounds like.

‘Humming New Time’ is his first release on Tom Morris from Her Name Is Calla’s new label Olynka Records. Now, it’s no secret that we here at E&D have been Calla superfans for years now so it’s not a surprise that we might be somewhat predisposed to like anything that Tom has hand selected to release but even putting that natural bias aside ‘Humming New Time’ is a stunning piece of work; five tracks of ephemeral beauty.

The EP opens with ‘Pathways’; a gentle introductory soundscape that really sets the scene for what follows. To be honest, sitting and listening to this record on a murky, cold January day is the wrong setting for these songs that conjure feelings of warm summers spent in the country, bird song, the sound of children playing and a vaguely rural ambience permeate throughout, but is testament to the strength of the songs that actually it doesn’t matter and as a listener you are transported to a better, warmer place.

Wyeth’s voice is beautifully pure and used very much as an additional instrument floating over the backing rather than as a fixed point in the mix, giving everything an ethereal feel when combined with his virtuosic acoustic guitar picking.

From a personal point of view, the stand out moments are the simple yet stunning ‘Sing To Me’ and ‘Oh The Day Slows’, probably the nearest thing to a ‘proper’ song on the record but that is to separate the exceptional from the mere sublime.

In short, ‘Humming New Time’ is a wonderful fusion of folk and post rock and a splendid introduction to a hugely promising new artist.

Released December 31 2011 on Olynka Records

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Posted by Dan

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