Well, this takes me back. That’s not to say that A Fight You Can’t Win sound like The Victims, Zippy and the Coneheads or The Trilobites, except the songs are short, sharp and you have no choice but to bounce around. It’s about how this makes you feel.

The funny thing about this EP is that the sound is so full and multi-layered and well produced, but still has the raw feel that captures the essence of garage punk. Matthew Bakewell’s vocals are unique, strong and just right in the mix. The guitar lines flow through power chords, chiming phrases and rhythm; drums and bass cementing the whole lot in place. At one moment you’re reminded of Mötorhead, the next Sonic Youth, then the Butthole Surfers, Sickidz and Jack White – the list goes on.

Where their debut record lacked the variety to keep you in for the whole 25 minutes it took to play 12 songs, “Every Last Breath” explores much more in its 12 minutes and four songs. I just love this more and more every time I hear it.

This is music for a serious drinking session, or at least for one beer’s worth. Throw it on, swear a lot, eat some BBQ meat with no salad. And have some fucking fun.

Released March 16 2012 through Bandcamp

Posted by Gilbert Potts

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