There is something to be said about listening to loud music; just letting the noise wash over you and consume your senses. A strange thing begins to happen, your body begins beating in rhythm with the music. This is one of the incredible things about loud and noisy music.

‘Astral House’ by Dead Sea Apes is definitely noisy music, but unlike some noise rock which seems to have the philosophy of “as fast and noisy as possible”, Dead Sea Apes seem to have taken a lot of care when it comes to rhythm and speed. There are slow sections which build in speed as well as volume giving the music a great sense of urgency which I think is lacking in a lot of other bands whose music stays fast. It reminds me of the immortal line from the film 24 Hour Party People, when Martin Hannett asks for a change to the drumming by saying “Faster, but slower.”

Obvious comparisons can be drawn between other post-rock bands, but I think the most useful is with Do Make Say Think; particularly between their song ‘Winter Hymn, Winter Hymn, Winter Hymn’ and the opening of the first song from the ‘Astral House’ EP, ‘Bikini Atoll’.

This three track EP is really enjoyable to listen to, but I am left with the niggling feeling that it is something probably better enjoyed live (something I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do).

After the 20 minutes I am also left thinking that the sounds produced are more akin to the Montreal school of post-rock, as opposed to anything more local. This is far from being a bad thing, and I would definitely recommend getting this EP.

Released March 14 2012 through Bandcamp

Posted by James Galley

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