Out on May 13th (UK) and May 14th (US) through Metal Blade Records

You know that satisfaction your taste buds have when you bite into something savory? When the taste is so overwhelming that you almost can't help but let out a moan of pleasure? Just like ripping your teeth into a piece of meat, warm and flavorful, seasoned and textured. It makes you salivate on mere contact with the tongue; one bite makes you hungry for more. The diverse and palatable sounds that pour out of Entrails newest LP Raging Death are just that, only pleasure for the taste buds that should rightfully exist inside the ear. Each song finishes with an aftertaste that makes you crave the next one more than the one that came before.

The multifaceted guitar sounds wail with a siren song of pure death that immediately transports you right into the middle of the destruction, chaos, and ruin that can only be found on a battlefield. The viciousness of the drums on the track ‘Descend to the Beyond’ crawl into the blood and oxygen instantaneously, elevating the heart rate. As the songs weave together, scenes from gruesome horror movies come to mind. All of a sudden the mind is taken to an operating table where dead tissue is being reanimated. When the track ‘Carved to the Bone’ plays, you’re able to envision yourself in a cemetery covered in fog; being lowered into the cold ground still breathing. Just like tales of pain and suffering reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft, each song is a chapter and this album writes one hell of a story. The experience of Raging Death awakens the flesh and opens the door for the imagination to come alive.



With riffs so catchy that they take hold of the mind, this is the kind of album you'll find yourself tapping your fingers to hours after you stop listening  (if you can bring yourself to stop listening). Fans of Grave, Entombed, Bloodbath, and Dismember alike will take to this record like hooks ripping into the skin and taking hold. Once the songs break through the fleshy tissue of the brain matter, neurotransmitters are unleashed. This allows the ears to experience a pleasure that radiates directly into the nervous system. With the unrelenting pounding of the drums and the seething muscle of the bass, serotonin and lust for the obscene are felt simultaneously.

This is the kind of record a death metal lover will crave again and again. Just let it marinate. The LP as a whole acts as an appetizer, main course, and desert for any headbanger hungry for what solid Swedish-style death metal can provide. Don’t be afraid to sink your teeth into it. (And while you’re doing that I’m going to put on a horror movie and wrap myself in the Swedish flag).

Side note: As an added bonus there are guest vocals from Kam Lee (Bone Gnawer, ex-Massacre), Jorgen Sandstrom (The Project Hate MCMXCIX, ex-Grave, ex-Entombed), Rogga Johansson (Paganizer a.o.) and Dan Swano (ex-Edge Of Sanity, who also mixed and mastered the album) on the track ‘Death League’.

Raging Death will be out on Metal Blade Records and released in the UK on May 13th and in the U.S. on May 14th. Get stoked!

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