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I have not being doing this review malarkey for long. This is my 22nd review. A mere babe in Ryan Stepherensvenmsfniefenjison terms. This means that I tend to try and make some sort of connection with the music; that I’m not (yet?) churning out reviews by rote simply because it’s “what I do”. In all of the music I have reviewed there has been something that has sparked a response both positive and negative. It has been rare, however, that I have had one reaction THROUGHOUT. Not so with Emergence from Neuronspoiler.

I LOVE this album. I want to run away to Gretna Green in the dead of night with this album. I want to whisper sweet nothings to it under the moonlight whilst we sip a nice cold Chardonnay and listen to Dean Martin. THAT kind of love. Weird obsessions aside, what is it about this album that causes such a reaction? Glad you asked..... Firstly this is an album very much rooted in the era of 80s metal. That does not mean it’s all spandex and hairspray and songs with the word ‘baby’ every 4th word. No it means that we are subjected to riffs that crush, vocals that soar, drums that pound and a bass that booms. It is everything you need in a proper metal band.



So let’s delve a little deeper. As soon as the open chords of ‘Through Hell We March’ shoot out of the speakers, the only correct response is to smile. Then bang your fecking head. Vocalist JR has a set of pipes that evoke Helloween’s Michael Kiske. In fact, this whole album reminds me greatly of Keeper of the 7 Keys (Parts 1 AND 2 natch…). Both have the perfect combination of power and aggression blended with melody and groove. There are so many moments of utter UTTER awesomeness on this record that it’s difficult to cram them all in. JR’s (him again) knacker-squeezing screams in ‘Irreverent’, and ‘Invincible Man’, the interplay of guitarists David del Cid and Dave Shirman evoke Messrs Smith and Murray on ‘(Just A Fool) On Your Way Up’ is exciting and majestic without veering into fret board wankery. As for rhythm section Tim (drums) and Erick (Bass) I simply do this…… Oh wait you can’t see me. Well I just stood and saluted - tighter than my grip on a custard cream.

In all honesty I struggled with this review. I started it, left it, came back to it, left it and so on for about 4 weeks. The problem I faced was trying to put down in words exactly why I love this album. In “real life” I’d simply stand by my stereo playing you bits the fast forwarding to other bits and play those to you all the while looking at you and smiling and saying “Check this bit out…. Wait… this is AWESOME!”. You see, this album makes me feel young. Silly really considering I’m only 33, but this album has a vitality and playfulness to it that reminds me of being 8 and discovering Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, WASP, King Diamond…. It reminds me that metal can be (whisper it) FUN! This is an album that reminds me of the excitement of buying Kerrang and pouring over it from cover to cover to read about my favourite bands. It reminds me of back patches and denim jackets and of cassette tapes and scratched vinyls. I reminds me of happiness, of rushing over to my friends’ houses to share music with them. It reminds me of all of this and for that, Neuronspoiler, I thank you.

Make no mistake, this is no nostalgia trip of an album but it is evocative. It’s my madeleine. And for that, this album will be one of my favourite of all time. Yes, really. Keep it up guys. More of the same.

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